Articles written by: Jared Maier


The Image of Violence

      Violence and graphic content are simply natural in the world of media, TV, and film. Netflix recently released Adam Wingard’s Death Note, a story based an anime wherein the main protagonists goal is to kill/murder/punish the criminals of the Earth and become a god among those still […]


Letter To the Freshmen

Dear Freshmen:      Let me be the 25th or even 62nd person to tell you, “Welcome to Eastern University!” Here at Eastern University, one of the most visually beautiful places in Pennsylvania, we have a wide range of facilities to offer you. We have one library, one theatre stage, […]


A Tune for Every Mood: Your Playlist for Finals Week

      During these last few weeks of studying and test-taking, sometimes you need some motivation, entertainment and empathy. In order to get any of those things, you might have to leave your studying space, or you might stop studying altogether. With this playlist of finals music, you won’t […]


The End of an Era Subdivision of Ardrossan Spells End of Farming Era on Main Line

      It’s an exquisite estate. Historic houses and barns are strewn across its 311 acres. Its prize-winning cattle and horses still roam the land. This is the Ardrossan Farm in the heart of Radnor Township. After over 100 years of operations, this icon of the Main Line is […]


Philadelphia Museum Of Art Undergoing Massive Expansion and Renovation

      On March 30, the Philadelphia Museum of Art announced they are undergoing a $196-million expansion. Home to over 240,000 pieces of artwork and the cinematically-famous Rocky steps, the Philadelphia Museum of Art attracts visitors from around the world. It is an internationally-known landmark. Recently, the museum began […]

The 1929-30 Philadelphia Arrows.

Remembering the Forgotten Past of Philadelphia Sports

Philadelphia Arrows       The Arrows, created in the autumn of 1927, were Philadelphia’s first professional ice hockey team. The Arrows had little promise, coming in last place in both of their first two seasons. The Arrows got pointed in a new direction when WWI veteran Herb Gardiner became […]

Michelangelo’s “Pietà” depicts Mary holding the dead body of Christ.

Christ Frees Us From Guilt, Shame, Fear

      When I was four years old, ABC Family aired a new claymation film known as “The Miracle Maker.” The film depicts the powerful true story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. My soul sings for the King every time he triumphantly enters Jerusalem, yearns […]


Museum of the American Revolution to Open

    The brand-new Museum of the American Revolution will shortly open its doors to the public and invite people from all walks of life to view its vast collections of historical artifacts and icons of America’s legacy. The museum will open on April 19, the anniversary of the “shot […]


EU Choir to Tour Ireland This Summer

      The Eastern University Choir’s tour of Ireland will start on Aug. 9 and end on Aug. 17 (nine days and eight nights). According to the tour’s main website, this choir tour will highlight “the sights and sounds of Dublin and Belfast, including Trinity College, Malahide Castle, Titanic […]

The Walt-Onion
Center Spread

The Walt-Onion

EASTERN SET TO LAUNCH FOOTBALL PROGRAM by Anthony Barr and Jordan Kolb       Last week, Eastern announced that on April 1 it will launch a new plan to develop a football program. Recruiting for the upcoming school year is already underway, and the program is expected to increase […]