Articles written by: Jared Maier

Center Spread


Weekly Happenings By Chiara Behm  Due to the last five weeks being cancelled for inclement weather and an Eagles’ parade, Eastern University will be condensing the majority of the missed events into the upcoming week — except (as always) for those pertaining to Esperanza. Another note: Eastern University will once […]


The Art of Identity

      Every human being is an artist, because we are all creations and sub creators. One of the ways we, as humans, sub create is the way we shape our identity. How we define ourselves is an art. Every person has their own unique way of displaying themselves. […]


Review: A Wrinkle in Time

In 1962 author Madeleine L’Engle published a children’s novel unlike any other. L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time” combines well written characters with innovative storytelling on the importance of love against darkness and bundles it all up in the genre of science fantasy. When Disney announced that they were making another […]


Eastern’s Multicultural Grant

Eastern University is comprised of a variety of unique students and staff from all across North America and the corners of the world, and on Feb. 19 it was awarded $20,000 for its resounding diversity and multicultural atmosphere. This Diversity and Multicultural grant was awarded to Eastern University by the […]


Golden Olympics Recap

This year’s winter Olympics were held in PyeongChang South Korea, but during this geographic boundary was taken down during the events. Both athletes from north and south Korea united under one flag and competed as one team, one nation. The U.S. did just missed winning bronze in the overall medal […]


Eastern Hosts Mental health Awareness Week

      During the week of Jan. 22 to the 26, there were seven different lectures given in the Baird Library. Each one was about an issue relating to mental health. Each of these lectures were given by a different member of the CCAS or professor of Eastern University. […]


Bradstreet Star Show

Dr. David Bradstreet is the current head of Eastern University’s Astronomy department, and creator of The Star of Bethlehem show. The Star of Bethlehem show has been playing at Eastern University for more than 45 years. Bradstreet says, “The Star of Bethlehem show was fi rst given at Eastern in […]


Eastern Students Brace For A Cold Winter

        Though we do not all go to chapel, and we may not all cheer on our Eastern Eagles at sports games, Eastern University’s students have shared in an act we have found all too familiar and unwanted– bracing for the cold. This Jan. temperatures have remained […]


Controversy Over Eastern’s Crucible

Artistic… JARED MAIER On W e d n e s d a y night, Nov. 15. a few of Eastern University’s performing artists from “The Crucible,” including myself, created some sidewalk chalk advertisements (ads.) We covered McInnis’ cement tiles and the walkways with out of context quotes from “The Crucible,” […]


A Review: A Murder On Orient Express

High on top of the cold and unforgiving mountains of Eurasia, the Orient Express, a symbol of luxury and excellence, lies on its side derailed. Inside the train’s dining car 12 passengers sit in silence in the harsh light of electric lamps; exchanging accusatory glances and then hiding their fearful […]