Golden Olympics Recap

This year’s winter Olympics were held in PyeongChang South Korea, but during this geographic boundary was taken down during the events. Both athletes from north and south Korea united under one flag and competed as one team, one nation.

The U.S. did just missed winning bronze in the overall medal count between nations. It came in overall fourth place with nine gold medals, eight silver medals and six bronze medals, making its final tally 23 medals total. Above the U.S. in the top three spots were Canada with 11 gold medals and 29 medals total, Germany with 14 gold medals and 31 total and Norway with 14 gold medals and 39 total.

As always it was another record breaking Olympics this year. U.S. Women’s ice hockey defeated Canada claiming their first gold medal win in 20 years. For the first time in Olympics history the U.S. took home a gold medal in Curling. The U.S. earned their 300th medal in winter sports history, when they took home two medals in men’s freeski halfpipe.

One of the most lively events this year was figure skating. U.S. figure skater Nathan Chen made winter olympic history, when he landed  six midair spins and four revolutions. He, however, did not win a medal for his run, as his first run was poor and he had a low score. Mirai Nagasubecame the first U.S. women to land a triple axel and third women in Olympic history to do so. The triple axel is referred to as the most difficult move in women’s figure skating history. The first woman to ever land a triple axel was Tonya Harding.

Sources: NBC Olympics, ABC News

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