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Are You Your Soul?

While rereading C.S. Lewis recently, I realized something about an old belief of mine. You may know the quote “you don’t have a soul. You are a soul; you have a body.” I had always thought it came from Lewis, and so had always felt safe accepting it. But as […]


How I Know I’m A Christian

This past summer, I heard a sermon that was extremely convicting. The main idea the pastor communicated was that if you call yourself a Christian, are you living in a way that displays the faith you profess? I was troubled because I knew I had a great amount of sin […]

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Sexuality education for religious leaders

In addition to teaching in the psychology department at Eastern, I serve on the faculty of the Center for Sexuality and Religion, providing seminars to seminary leaders with a program called “21st Century Challenges To Sexuality and Religion.” These seminars aim to address the practical sexuality problems and issues seminary […]