Author: Ryan Klein


Dance Department Faculty Changes Announced

At the end of May, Professor Janine Bryant, who has been both the Chair of Dance and Theater and the Director of the Dance Department at Eastern since 2007, will be leaving Eastern. Come August she will head to the UK to be a new member of the Faculty of […]


EU Dance Presents “Continuance”

Eastern may no longer have a dance major, but the dance department remains strong – a point they plan to emphasize in their appropriately named spring concert, “Continuance.” According to the Eastern website, Continuance will be a reflection of “life in the spirit and beauty of the world around us.” […]


On Fighting Racism as a Racist

Everyone seems to be against racism. Every day we hear encouragements to “get out there and fight racism,” to “unite against racism,” and to “stand against racism.” I think these encouragements are good. But something about them has started to trouble me. Where and what is racism, if we judge […]


Eastern Launches “Chalk & Table”

You have two options: read this article about Chalk & Table, Eastern’s new learning collaborative, or visit the freshly-launched to experience things yourself. “Chalk & Table,” formerly the Center for Teaching and Learning, began in January at the suggestion of the Organizational Design Task Force. It was initially created […]


Wake Up to the World

Or, Why You Really Should Study Abroad On my second day out of the country I sent my mom an email: “The first thing I noticed about England was the smell. Not England’s – mine. I stank. Like recycled airplane air and B.O. And my hair was greasy, and I […]

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Christian Colleges Grapple with Faithful Politics

Colleges and universities have long been considered hotbeds of social activism, to the exultation of some and the frustration of others. Social movements often find support amidst college students — fledgling civic members who are spending hours upon hours learning to understand America’s history and politics. So it comes as […]


Same-Sex Marriage and EU Hiring

According to a recent email from the Human Sexuality Task Force, the question of whether Eastern will hire facult in same-sex marriages will be the major point of concern as EU moves into the third and final phase of its “Conversation on Human Sexuality.” This phase is titled “The Discernment […]

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Faith, Reason and Economic Justice

In light of the recent faculty and staff layoffs, recommended by the Organizational Design Task Force and approved by Dr. Duffett, many might be wondering what sort of financial situation our university is really in. Are we really in financial danger? Or in danger of being in danger? Additionally, questions […]