EU Dance Presents “Continuance”

Eastern may no longer have a dance major, but the dance department remains strong – a point they plan to emphasize in their appropriately named spring concert, “Continuance.”

According to the Eastern website, Continuance will be a reflection of “life in the spirit and beauty of the world around us.” According to senior dance major Katie Green, it will also be evidence that dance will stay strong at EU despite the recent departmental changes. Green emphasized that Continuance will feature many student choreographers, including Rachael Lyons, Rachel Travis, Jordan Bonney, Madison Eichert, Elky Fuentes, Alex Roberts, and Hannah Brumbach. Adjunct faculty member Roger Lee will be featured as well. Though Green did not offer specific names, she also said that quite a few freshman dancers will be making their Eastern stage debut. Continuance will be yet another excellent opportunity for Eastern students to shine.

Although Continuance is evidence that the Eastern dance program remains strong, it will also be Eastern’s last chance to witness the talents of many in the dance department; not only those of seniors, but of a faculty member as well. Janine Bryant, the Acting Chair of Dance and Theater at Eastern since 2013, will be leaving at the end of her contract in May. In other words, this will be her final Eastern concert. She’ll then move to Birmingham, England to begin a new position at the University of Wolverhampton. In her stead, Professor Stephen Welsh will become Eastern’s new Director of Dance.

Continuance, the final showcase of many talents, will take place April 15-17. It promises to be an excellent show – please support your friends and school by coming to see it.

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