Quarantine has made the majority of people itch for a

change in scenery. While many people may not be com-
fortable traveling and staying at hotels, national parks or camping trips are a great solution.
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The Art of Travelling: Insight on the best ways to plan your next trip.

I am writing this as I am quarantined in my room, dreaming of the open roads, the mountains, the long hikes and the smell of campfires. When it comes to traveling, it is much more than just packing a suitcase and showing up. Traveling is an art, from budgeting to […]

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Rereading the Great Gatsby: An underrated classic offers the chance to relearn how to read.

Literature has a way of bringing impossible things to life with your own eyes and your very own imagination. You are the one to create the images; the words just guide you. I have always loved reading, since the first ever book was read to me on a parent’s lap. […]

This painting was inspired by another person’s art-
work that Sulecki saw; however, the artist found her

inspiration by making the painting abstract. The colors
and proportions of the art make Sulecki’s work distinct
and unique, making this painting one of the artist’s favorites.
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Color in the Shadows: A feature on an unknown artist on Eastern’s campus.

Elizabeth Sulecki, a junior on Eastern’s campus, has been an artist for years, but she hadn’t always known of her artistic calling. When Sulecki was a little girl, her mom did what every parent did, put their child on a sports team; however, Sulecki had no interest in sports. “I […]

“On the Rocks” was released on Oct. 23, 2020. The movie
highlights a reconnection between daughter and father while
Rashida Jones’ character, Laura Jones, is having insecurities
about her own marriage. The comedy-drama captures the
complexities within human relationships and the gray that
appears throughout life.
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“On the Rocks”: A look at this heartwarming film in the midst of the year 2020.

The 2020 release “On The Rocks” puts a twist on the cliché father-daughter film, and the cast makes it an early awards season contender. Bill Murray and Rashida Jones shine as the lead duo in A24’s latest drama. The film marks the third collaboration between Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray. […]

Wednesday Night Worship takes place at Olson field.
Worship teams sing praises to God and feature a speaker. For
this collaboration, students were able to experience the different
types of Eastern’s worship come together.
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Eastern’s Worship Collaboration: A night of worship by Wednesday Night Worship, Precious Movements, and Unceasing.

On Wednesday, Oct. 21, Precious Movements, Unceasing Prayer Ministry, and Wednesday Night Worship (WNW) worked together to put on an evening of worship that combined the strengths of all the different forms of worship that these organizations practice. It took place in the evening, at nine o’clock at night, just […]

A lot of yoga is based in the idea of trees. The bottom
tier is rooting their poses through their feet as the top
person is extending her body upwards, illustrating the
tree concept.
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The Art of Yoga: An insight on the practice of mind and body.

Yoga has become a popular form of exercise and meditation with the combination of physical postures and breathing techniques. However, many people don’t realize the dedication and time that yoga requires. Yoga not only requires flexibility, but also requires physical and mental strength. Many poses require flexibility to achieve, but […]

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Spooky Trends to Try This Halloween: How to recreate the TikTok trends that have appeared this Halloween season.

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms in 2020, and this spooky season there have been a variety of fun trends to make their way into the spotlight. The most popular trend on the app is the Halloween-inspired photoshoot. In these videos, couples or groups take […]

Inklings Literary Magazine was established in 1966 at
Eastern University and has published many editions,
including the ones pictured above.
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Inklings Opens for Submissions: Eastern’s Literary Magazine accepting artistic works of all kinds.

Have you ever wanted to be published in a literary magazine? Maybe you’re an aspiring author or poet, or you’re an avid photographer or artist. Getting your work published by a literary magazine could be the first step in your career. But what is a literary magazine, and why might […]

Broadway has never seen the lights dark for this long.
The street that typically shines bright and is packed with
people is quiet, making it an eery sight for many.
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Will Live Theater Survive the Pandemic: A look at how the performing arts have suffered during COVID-19.

Lights went out on Broadway and stages all over the world when COVID-19 made its debut. Since then, theaters of all levels have been trying to come up with solutions to minimize the suffering of productions and performers due to the aftermath of the closures. While New York City has […]

On Being has generated an audience of over 1.5 million

listeners each month, tuning in to the podcast that generates unedited and unfiltered conversation about a wide range of topics.
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Podcast Highlight: “On Being with Krista Tippett.”

The podcast On Being with Krista Tippett has been an integral and grounding voice in my social and political growth. Through fostering civil conversation and asking questions about human nature, On Being has allowed me to better understand the deep connection between each of us as humans and how it […]