Museum Highlight:

A highlight section of a selection of Philadelphia museums.

By: Jennie Brouse

Waltonian | The Waltonian Source: Pexels

Philadelphia is a broad art and cultural playground for anyone looking to find their way around many varieties of art, science and history. Visiting Philadelphia from Eastern can be as simple as a 45ish minute train ride. 

So what museums should you visit when going into the city? The primary and most well-known would be the Philadelphia Museum of Art, well known for the famous “Rocky Steps.” While this museum may be a bit of a Philadelphia tourism stereotype, it has well-earned recognition and deserves to be regarded as a “must-see” on any trip to the city. 

The Philadelphia Museum of Art consists of multiple stories full of art from around the world across several time periods. It holds classic, famous paintings and features work from artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso and any other artist you probably learned about in middle school art class. 

Even for people who are not fans of art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a place I firmly believe everyone should experience at least once, even just to say you did. Walking up the steps, reliving the same experience Sylvester Stallone once did, is magical. 

But the art museum is not the only museum in Philadelphia, especially with the historic significance of Philadelphia. The city of Brotherly love has a museum and a place for everyone. 

The Franklin Institute is a science-based museum and is even considered the center of science education and research in the city. It hosts various exhibitions including the Harry Potter Experience which recently closed on Sept. 18. 

Suppose you are upset about missing out on the Harry Potter Experience. In that case, the Disney 100 Exhibition will be opening in February of 2023 as the first stop on a nationwide tour celebrating 100 years of the Disney Company.

Along with the special (and limited) exhibits, the Franklin Institute also has countless other displays and exhibits for visitors to explore including a planetarium.

Most of the exhibits are interactive, meaning if you are a hands-on learner, this may just be the place for you. Visiting the Franklin Institute allows visitors to learn about science and aspects of life in a creative manner, making it fun for all ages. 

Suppose you are more interested in learning about history. Well, Philadelphia is certainly the right place for you as well. With several history museums and the Liberty Bell sitting in the heart of the city, Philadelphia may be one of the best places to soak up American history. 

The Museum of the American Revolution may need to be a go-to place for anyone looking to learn more about American history and how the United States came to fruition as a country. 

Many important events in the American Revolution took place in Philadelphia and keeping that in mind makes museums such as the Museum of the American Revolution essential for a visit to one of our nation’s most historic cities. 

Whether you’re going to Philadelphia for the art, the science, the history or any other reason, there will always be a museum or activity for everyone. So go out and explore the wonderful museums Philadelphia has to offer. 

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