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Eastern Athletics Intramurals: Eastern’s Student-Athletes and Coaches Compete in Intramural sports.

Eastern University’s athletics programs have been experiencing an unprecedented year due to Covid-19. With the spring of 2020 seasons ending abruptly to fall seasons being delayed until spring, athletes at Eastern have had their seasons altered in one way or another. In an attempt to keep athletes involved in competitions […]

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The Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye: The Kickstarter-funded supernatural series come alive.

Investigative true crime podcasts are all the rage these days. With beautiful scores, gory details, and neatly packaged scripts, podcasts like Dr. Death, Disgraceland, and The Clearing have been gaining listeners rapidly since they debuted. They are all beautifully made, but what does the podcasting process look like? Is it […]

Many people find cooking and baking comforting this
time of year. Pictured is the pumpkin, apple loaf from Taste of Home mentioned in the article.
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The Art of Cooking and Baking: Insight into the craft of making delicious food.

Have you ever eaten a perfect bite of food? Maybe a butter-soft slice of raw tuna swathed in avocado atop a plantain chip? Or perhaps a steaming hot spoonful of pho? Maybe you’ve got more of a sweet tooth, and what comes to mind for you is a crepe in […]

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Major Changes in the Dance Department: A reintroduction of the Dance major to Eastern’s curriculum.

In 2019, Eastern students thought they were saying goodbye to the last ever dance majors to graduate from the university; however, dancers were happily surprised at the reinstatement of the major last spring. Eastern University’s Dance Department is now offering the dance major, starting this semester, with a course load […]

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The Show Must Go On, Even Through COVID: How Eastern University’s Theatre Department is performing with new regulations due to COVID-19.

Social distancing guidelines and regulations have closed theatres all across the country for the foreseeable future. That means no more Broadway shows and no more community productions until COVID-19 is long gone. Eastern’s own theatre department, however, is still going strong in the midst of this pandemic. Regulations have been […]

A ghost costume can be a cheap and easy costume for Halloween.
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Halloween Made Easy: Perfect Halloween costumes and decorations for college students on a budget.

Halloween is just around the corner, and for many college students, finding costumes and decorations on a budget can be difficult. Here’s some quick and easy options on a budget. Costumes can be a super fun way to show off your Halloween spirit while walking around campus. Some can be […]

Sandra Diaz-Twine, AKA the “Queen of Survivor,” a Puerto Rican Army veteran, is one of two competitors to ever win Survivor twice.
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Not So Black and White Television: Diversity and inclusion in TV shows.

On Dec. 18, 2019, Jeff Probst and the production team of the iconic reality show Survivor announced the theme for the upcoming 40th season: Winners At War. Twenty previous winners of Survivor would come back to the game and compete for the biggest cash prize in reality show history. Fans […]

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Book Highlight: “The Bluest Eye”, a perfect read in light of the Black Lives Matter fight for justice.

I read “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison over the summer, when Black Lives Matter protests were at their height. In a surge of people educating, donating, listening and advocating, I was compelled to read books by Black women, specifically those that centered their experiences in the face of racism. […]

Eastern University’s Fitness Center allows for students
and athletes alike to push themselves in their respective areas of fitness training.
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The Art of Exercising: An insight on the craft of all types of exercise.

I never used to exercise. Personally, I preferred reading a book, doing a craft or watching television. Why would I want to physically exert energy when I could just lay in bed all day? This was my mindset until I wanted to make my high school field hockey team. I […]

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Turning Point keeps on singing: A look at the choir’s newest members as they waved their graduates goodbye.

While well-known for their beautiful sounds and performances, Turning Point (TP) dives into the world of music with awareness and appreciation towards their fellow members and the pieces in which they work on. TP differs from the other choirs on Eastern’s campus because of the smaller size, the challenging repertoire, […]