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Come Talk with Us: A sneak peek of the upcoming Windows of the World talk about Christian and Muslim faith.

By: Jennie Brouse On February 9 and 10, Eastern University will be hosting Pastor Kevin Brown and Imam Idris Abdul-Zahir for a discussions on how to “Promote Multifaith Relationships on a Christian College Campus.” Pastor Kevin Brown and Imam Idris Abdul-Zahir will have a conversation about Christian-Muslim friendship in a […]


Ukrainian War Continues: A brief look at the war in Ukraine

By: Lenora Kirkland As the war in Ukraine persists, international support continues to rise as citizens of the world join the Ukrainian people in mourning the devastating effects of this year-long conflict. Despite daunting circumstances Ukrainians continue to fight against Russian advancements, exhibiting resilience that has been globally recognized and […]


First Grader Shoots Teacher: A glimpse into the unusual case of a six-year-old bringing and wielding a gun on school grounds.

By: Lenora Kirkland On Jan. 6, 2023, another school shooting made national headlines, only this time, the perpetrator was a six-year-old boy. The incident occurred in a first-grade classroom at Richneck Elementary School located in Newport News, Virginia.  The student in question found the weapon in his home, brought it […]


Inside the Lives of Sport Spouses: TikTok reveals a lot, good and bad about being the wife or husband of a pro athelete

By: Jennie Brouse A newer trend on TikTok is bringing sports fans and non-sports fans together in a mutual love of an underrated aspect of sports: sports spouses, and more specifically, Allison Kuch, wife of football player Isaac Rochell. The rise of athletes’ spouses on social media platforms allows sports […]