Wawa Shooting Hits Close To Eastern: Students continued with caution when a murder investigation was underway.

      On March 28, a gunman entered a local Wayne, Pennsylvania Wawa around 8:30 p.m. and killed his former wife. During and after the event, residents of Radnor were shocked to discover that there had been any sort of violence in their typically quiet suburban neighborhood. On the night of March 28, gunman, identified as Brian Kennedy of the Devon area, entered the Wawa off of Sugartown Road in Wayne, Pennsylvania and shot his ex-wife Stephanie Miller. No one else at the scene was physically injured.

Police were informed of the shooting through 9-1-1 calls as well as pedestrians on foot informing near-by officers who were currently on duty of the events that occurred in Wawa.

In the moments after the shooting, news outlets were not specific in where the event’s location was. Also, the alleged gunman was not arrested on sight. After attack- ing Miller, Kennedy ran off, travelling, reportedly, on foot through the streets of Wayne. On top of this, the shooting, at first, was not determined as a targeted at- tack. The public was unaware whether Kennedy was on a spree to kill strangers or that he had a specific target for his rage.

This, in turn, worried many Radnor and Wayne residents, especially Eastern students. After not knowing the exact location of the shooting, many Eastern students associated ‘Wayne Wawa’ with the closest location to the school. Through some back roads behind the school, this Wawa is a popular late-night attraction for Eastern residents. This forced many of the students to stay in their residents halls in order to stay safe. Also, many Residence Assistants on rounds that Thursday were hypervigilant of the situation in order to maintain safety the best they could for their residents.

      However, after investigation by local law enforcement, students of Eastern were able to gain a more accurate telling of this horrific crime. This, although bittersweet, was good news for Eastern students. Many learned that crime can happen in any neighborhood, even ones that are deemed safe.

Source: Main Line Media News

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