Articles written by: Kelsey Fiander-Carr


Eastern Welcomes a New English Professor: Adjunct, Professor Sunshine, discusses the importance of relevance in papers, essays and Christian conversations

      Originally hailing from Long Island, New York, Professor Sophia Sunshine Vilceus, Professor Sunshine for short, has made her way to Eastern as an English professor for Fundamentals of Writing as well as College Writing.       Sunshine also teaches similar introductory English courses to eager students […]


Gun-Violence in America: A look into the domestic terrorist attack in Thousand Oaks, California

      On November 8th, gunshots rang through the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California killing 12 including the perpetrator. In response to the gunfire, many politicians, celebrities, and civilians asked for thoughts and prayers. Among the slain was Alaina Housley, a student and niece of Sister […]


Kpop and Its International Takeover: Inside how Korean pop bands have grown in popularity over the years

      I thought I would have been safe from the black hole of kpop. Let’s just say I was wrong.       Last semester, I was taking a media and culture class that discusses the relationship between pop culture, technology, and society. I selected the presentation topic of […]


Audience of One: A look inside how Eagles’ quarterback, Carson Wentz, gives back to the community through his relationship with God.

      Long before Carson Wentz, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, was drafted in 2016, he was a teenager with a love for God that spawned from football. While attending North Dakota State university, Wentz learned how to grow in his faith through his other teammates. Wentz owes a lot […]


Inside “Trench:” After three years of waiting, fans are finally given new music from Twenty One Pilots.

      After the release of their highly successful album, “Blurryface,” in 2015, musical duo, Twenty One Pilots released their highly anticipated album, “Trench” on Oct. 6.       “Trench” follows the narrative that became prevalent in “Blurryface” as well as the previous album, “Vessel.” This narrative takes […]


Chapel and the Book of Malachi: Inside the chapel service hosted by Dr. Peter Enns.

      On Oct. 3rd, students, faculty, and guests of Eastern gathered in the gym to celebrate weekly chapel together.       The university Chaplain, Dr. Joseph Modica introduced the question he wanted us to ponder that morning.       “Does God’s word still matter today?” Dr. […]


Eastern State Penitentiary’s Terror Behind the Walls: eparated from your friends, surrounded by monsters– this is the experience of one of the largest haunted houses of the tristate area.

      For many years, Eastern students have been visiting Eastern State Penitentiary to get themselves into the spirit of Halloween. The large inclination audiences have is that Eastern State Penitentiary is known for its paranormal activity. The Penitentiary, a National Historic Landmark, was first established in 1829 and […]


The Importance of the Minor

      When coming to the decision to major in Journalism, I concluded that my interests went beyond the confines of that major. I like reading, writing and leading the newspaper, but I also am an advocate for social justice, and I wanted at least a part of my […]


Religious Persecution: Many belief systems are faced with discrimination even apart from Christianity.

      Religious persecution– something that Christians hear too often; however, religions across the world today still experience varying levels of persecution and oppression for believing in their faith. Religious persecution relates to the systematic mistreatment and alienation of a group of people based on what they believe or […]


A Reflection on To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: A book to a movie– this Netflix smash hit has people around the world falling in love with the quirky Lara Jean and the sweet Peter Kavinsky.

      Let us get something clear– we all need a Peter Kavinsky in our lives. This notion has been quite apparent on numerous social media sites ever since Netflix aired their original film, “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” in Aug.       The film was […]