Articles written by: Kelsey Fiander-Carr


No Freshmen in Eagle Hall

      Each year, residence directors, student life associates and members of student leadership try to develop plans to further benefit and progress resident life at Eastern. Recently word has spread that Eagle Hall is become an exclusively upperclassmen dorm. This would mean that incoming freshman would live in […]


Love, Simon: A Story of Young Love

On March 16, the novel, Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda, premiered as an adapted movie entitled Love, Simon. The film followed the coming out story of a gay teenage boy named Simon Spier. In the movie, Simon is played by Nick Robinson, the star from the 2017 young adult novel […]


Courage Spotlight: Jessie Nichols

Throughout Eastern, there are many students and faculty who represent the university’s new initiative, ‘courage to.’ Among them is senior Jessie Nichols. Nichols is an Exercise Science major, a Psychology minor, and has been a Student Chaplain for the past three years. Despite how busy Nichols is being in his […]


The Need for Conversation: In The Aftermath of Mass Shootings

On Feb. 14, an armed teenager entered the halls of the Parkland, Florida high school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and opened fire– killing 17 teachers and students. This shooting not only sparked the advocacy of school safety, but it also fueled a gun control debate with the use of social media. […]


Vonn’s Ride Up and Down Slopes: A look at Lindsey Vonn’s roller coaster ride back to the Olympics

Throughout the Superbowl, many fans looked forward to the commercials that are notorious for their attempt in broadening its audiences’ view. Some are filled with confusing actor portrayals, as we saw in Tide’s commercials, but some are made to specifically open our eyes to the hardships of someone we as […]


Expanding Horizons: A Reflection on Studying Post-Colonial Women’s Novels

      As a sophomore at Eastern, I have had the privilege of taking many courses that have broadened my knowledge of the world around me. The course I can confidently say has had the most impact on me is Post-Colonial Women’s Novels. This course, which counted as my […]


A Monumental Win: A community of EU fans come together for the Eagles’ first Super Bowl win

      My mom would always say, “Who is going to win the Super Bowl?”       “Anyone but the Cowboys,” I would quickly respond.       This was a common exchange between Eagles’ fans and that of the Cowboys. I grew up thinking that the Eagles […]


Paychecks for Student Athletes?

      Through the years, I have been morally challenged by the notion of whether college athletes should be getting paid for their work on the field. I was first presented with this question when I was a marching band saxophone player who spent a lot of time with […]


The Ultimate Throwback: Mars and Cardi B’s“Finesse” Remix

      In light of a successful year for many great artists in 2017, many have made it their goal to continue surprising fans with new releases of songs and albums in the new year. Of these is a remix on Bruno Mars’ “Finesse.” The remix was performed by […]


Inside The Women’s March: Philadelphia People Come Together to March for a Second Year

      Waking up at 7 a.m., driving to a train station, and taking two trains into Philadelphia — this is just one day of preparation for the 2018 Women’s March. Many Eastern students from Students Advocating for Gender Equality (SAGE), Political Activism Club (PAC), and many other sects […]