Articles written by: Kelsey Fiander-Carr


Inside the 2019-2020 RA Bonding Retreat: On April 14, returning RAs and new faces to staffs gathered to spend quality time together before their official position of RA starts next fall

      On April 14, I spent the day getting to know and bonding with the new 2019-2020 Resident Life Staff. Although the bonding, located at a Resident Director’s friend’s house in Devon, Pennsylvania, started at 3 p.m., myself along with junior and fellow Eagle Hall RA Bryan Eltman shopped […]


Wawa Shooting Hits Close To Eastern: Students continued with caution when a murder investigation was underway.

      On March 28, a gunman entered a local Wayne, Pennsylvania Wawa around 8:30 p.m. and killed his former wife. During and after the event, residents of Radnor were shocked to discover that there had been any sort of violence in their typically quiet suburban neighborhood. On the night […]


Inside Prevention-Point Philadelphia and Harm Reduction

      In the Philadelphia area, Eastern students, many from the city, know all too well some of the harsh realities this city faces. Kensington especially faces a harsh reality due to its complicated history.       After pharmaceutical companies over-prescribed addictive painkillers in the 1990s, new users […]


Inside of Eastern’s Inauguration Week: President Matthews along with the Eastern community will be celebrating his official introduction.

      The week of March 18-24 may seem like any other academic week for Eastern students, but it is also the time in which we as a campus officially welcome our new university President, Dr. Ronald Matthews, with an inauguration celebration.           Dr. Matthews […]


Inside Venezuela’s Humanitarian Crisis: The US government enters the Venezuelan economy after celebrating their recognition of Juan Guaidó as the acting president.

      Over the past few years, Venezuela has been facing serious economic issues, leading another country leader to declare himself president.       Nicolás Maduro, the current President of Venezuela, was elected after the passing of former president, Hugo Chávez, who mentored Maduro back in 2013. In […]


Personal Top 5 Music Videos

I watch music videos daily, so making a list of my favorite ones became very hard. I looked at some of the videos in my watch history recently to help. Here is a list of my current favorites! 1. “Peek-A-Boo” by Red Velvet Pizza delivery guys and murder are included in […]


Inside Netflix’s New Original Series: Dive into the reimagined show of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

      Black cats, high school drama and the Dark Lord— this is all you need to dive deep into the new Netflix original series, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.       Based on the Archie Comics, this Netflix show, released just before Halloween of this year, follows […]


Meet Communications Professor, Dr.Jung: Inside how K-pop became a career for this new addition to the Eastern faculty.

      In the fall of 2018, Eastern welcomed a new faculty member to the Communications Department: full-time tenured-track assistant professor Dr. Hyeri Jung. This fall is the third semester Dr. Jung has taught at Eastern, but she also taught in Korea as well as served as a Teaching […]


Top 5 Oscar Nominations

      Airing Feb. 24, the Oscars, celebrating their 91 years of cinema critique and awards, has been long awaited as some of the films have been highly anticipated to pick up many awards. Below is a list of the five most anticipated films to win big later this […]

Center Spread

A Passion for Sociology: How junior Suzi Staherski found a home in the Sociology Department.

      Suzi Staherski, a junior at Eastern, is an advocate for Sociology– a major she fell in love with while attending college. After developing this love, Staherski also picked up a Political Science concentration, making her a double major.       Kelsey Fiander-Carr: In your own words, […]