Author: Kelsey Fiander-Carr


The ins and outs of Registration: Although registering for classes may seem stressful, this information can help alleviate any questions you may have!

Although registering for classes can be an exciting time, it is also a source of many worries for students, but there are some ways to stay informed about the process to have a seamless a process as possible.  Registration is the three-step process. Said to be similar to online shopping, […]


Inside the 2019-2020 RA Bonding Retreat: On April 14, returning RAs and new faces to staffs gathered to spend quality time together before their official position of RA starts next fall

      On April 14, I spent the day getting to know and bonding with the new 2019-2020 Resident Life Staff. Although the bonding, located at a Resident Director’s friend’s house in Devon, Pennsylvania, started at 3 p.m., myself along with junior and fellow Eagle Hall RA Bryan Eltman shopped […]


Inside of Eastern’s Inauguration Week: President Matthews along with the Eastern community will be celebrating his official introduction.

      The week of March 18-24 may seem like any other academic week for Eastern students, but it is also the time in which we as a campus officially welcome our new university President, Dr. Ronald Matthews, with an inauguration celebration.           Dr. Matthews […]


Inside Venezuela’s Humanitarian Crisis: The US government enters the Venezuelan economy after celebrating their recognition of Juan Guaidó as the acting president.

      Over the past few years, Venezuela has been facing serious economic issues, leading another country leader to declare himself president.       Nicolás Maduro, the current President of Venezuela, was elected after the passing of former president, Hugo Chávez, who mentored Maduro back in 2013. In […]


Personal Top 5 Music Videos

I watch music videos daily, so making a list of my favorite ones became very hard. I looked at some of the videos in my watch history recently to help. Here is a list of my current favorites! 1. “Peek-A-Boo” by Red Velvet Pizza delivery guys and murder are included in […]