Tuition Increases for Upcoming School Year

Each year, universities reevaluate their budgets and past expenses, and appropriately adjust their tuition prices in order to meet the needs of the community. As in years past, the Board of Trustees at Eastern University has approved a moderate tuition increase for the upcoming school year. These expenses are as follows; an increase in overall tuition of $1,040 in addition to room charges increasing by $132 and boarding charges at $116 per year. This increase totals to $1,288 per year, or $644 per semester. Plans have been said to put these additional charges towards a targeted increase in student funding, in addition to improving the Office of Talent and Career Development. President Duffett noted at the end of his announcement that these fees still keep the university at a lower price mark than competing universities, and administration will continue to make a concerted effort to make Eastern University an affordable place to study.

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