Author: Samantha Rosenfeld


SGA Encourages Ethical Policy Change

Students on Eastern’s campus pride themselves on being aware of the outside world and the ever-present ethical issues that arise. For the Student Government Association, it is their job to be involved in constructing new ideas and policies that will help voice the concerns of the entire student body to […]


Global Updates

Tsarnaev Found Guilty on all Thirty Counts In 2013, the East Coast, as well as the rest of the US, was shaken by the Boston Marathon bombing. On April 8, 2015, the jury deliberated for over 11 hours, and finally gave their verdict: alleged surviving bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnev was declared […]


Tuition Increases for Upcoming School Year

Each year, universities reevaluate their budgets and past expenses, and appropriately adjust their tuition prices in order to meet the needs of the community. As in years past, the Board of Trustees at Eastern University has approved a moderate tuition increase for the upcoming school year. These expenses are as […]


Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?

[twocol_one]Yes Elizabeth Vollmer The United States pays its professional athletes way too much. According to the Huffington Post, within a five-year period an average professional athlete in the NBA makes $24.7 million, $17.9 million in the MLB, and $1.9 million in the NFL. To put this in perspective, the President […]


No Weekend Plans? Not Anymore!

Yes, for four years you as an undergraduate student get the right to milk the “poor college student” excuse for all it is worth. It comes in handy for explaining to your mother why you’ve had Ramen four times in the past three days, or why you shouldn’t have to […]


The Issue: Is the internet killing religion?

[twocol_one]Death By Tech Samantha Rosenfeld We’ve all been there: scrolling through our social media newsfeeds, minding our own business, when all of the sudden we see that one post that stops us dead in our tracks. Generally, the post will consist of some religious statement that the administrator obviously believes […]