No Weekend Plans? Not Anymore!

Yes, for four years you as an undergraduate student get the right to milk the “poor college student” excuse for all it is worth. It comes in handy for explaining to your mother why you’ve had Ramen four times in the past three days, or why you shouldn’t have to pay for that parking ticket you got. And how many times have you had to tell friends you couldn’t get out of bed that one weekend and be social in any capacity because you were broke as a joke? Well, fear not, because this guide will show you four fail-safe ways to get cheap or free entertainment without invoking the “poor college student” excuse.

1. Usher for a show and get in for free: This one requires a tiny amount of work, but nothing good is ever completely free. As an usher, you not only get the free show, but also a look into the behind-the-scenes of the establishment that you are volunteering for. And depending on how long the show is running for, you might have the entire thing memorized before you know it!

2. Find free or cheap venues: Not every concert you decide to go to must cost you all of your rent money. There are perfectly good venues throughout the Philadelphia area that provide great entertainment for a fraction of the cost! Take, for instance, the World Cafe Live. Most upstairs concerts run for around $10 general admission and offer a variety of genres and musical guests throughout the year. Step outside of your comfort zone and see what else there is for your ears to enjoy besides Katy Perry’s latest hit.

3. Score free tickets: For those of you who just would die if you couldn’t see “Today’s Hits” performed live, you’re going to have to stay glued to the radio in an attempt to win free passes to that one sold out concert everyone is going to. While your cellphone bill might escalate as you push the redial button time and time again, there is a one in a million chance you will be caller ninety-six, and yes, you will get to shake hands with the band immediately after your free show. Best of luck.

4. Make use of your student discount: Check out websites such as to see what discounts are open to you purely because of your “poor college student” status. Offering great deals on Broadway Theater productions (both on and off), museums, dance company performances and a variety of other entertainment options, websites often offer great deals that are worth the search!

It might require a small portion of work, but entertainment is attainable for you in the near future! All it takes is a little determination and knowing the right places to look. Step up, get outside of your comfort zone and start seeing what options there are out there for you. Having a good time and making memories does not have to cost a ridiculous amount of money. Make use of the opportunities around you, because before you know it you will have graduated and these opportunities will not be around forever.

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