The Philadelphia Museum of Art: A look into the famous museum.

      The Philadelphia Museum of Art is renowned for their impeccable art collection, and their impressive reputation stretches far outside of Philadelphia. Their website says, “We are committed to inviting visitors to see the world—and themselves—anew through the beauty and expressive power of the arts.” However, this experience comes at a cost. On an average day, an adult can be admitted to the museum for $20, and students with valid identification are allowed to enter for $14.

      On Wednesdays, though, there is an exception. Every Wednesday evening from 5p.m. – 8:45p.m., the museum operates on a “Pay What you Wish” admission charge, meaning visitors can get in for however much or little money as they are able to give. The Philadelphia Museum of Art website says, “We suggest you start at a penny but support us with whatever amount you wish.”

      This discount offers the opportunity for anyone to see the museum. By hosting it in the evening, people who work full-time jobs have the opportunity to see the museum when they have the time, instead of missing out because of work.  No matter who you are or what your financial situation may be like, Pay What You Wish Wednesdays allow everyone to take advantage of the gift of art.

      Creating times and spaces for art to be accessible to everyone is important to society, because of the role of art in our culture. Art captures the human experience in unique and valuable ways that everyone should have the opportunity to experience. Art can also offer a unique perspective on both current and historical events, and it is important for citizens to be able to appreciate that important aspect of our culture.

      Eastern students can take the train from the St. David’s station to the Pennsylvania Ave and 24th Street station, and then complete the trip with a two-minute walk to the museum doors.

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