Articles written by: Abigail Brooke

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Sharing food and stories–the heart of Friendsgiving: Part 1

      My friends and I have celebrated Friendsgiving every year for the last three years, and we don’t skip it for anything. As we’ve gone away for college or struggled through exams, Friendsgiving has always taken priority. I’ve gone most of my life without having family nearby, so […]


S.A.G.E views the Documentary Miss Representation: tudents Adovating for Gender Eqaulity looks at how the media portrays women in the media through this documentary

      The documentary Miss Represntation, was produced by “Girls Club Entertainment” and discusses how women are portrayed in the media. An overarching theme is that the way women are portrayed affects how women and girls see themselves in society. It affects not only how they see their appearance, […]

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Día de los Muertos

      While similar in tradition and time of year, Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is not actually the same holiday as Halloween. While Halloween is about ghouls and horror, Día de los Muertos views spirits much differently. Día de los Muertos is a Mexican […]


Students Share About Service Learning: First-year students reflect on their service learning experiences

      Now half-way into the semester, first-year students are beginning to work on their service learning projects within their Introduction to Faith, Reason and Justice classes. Service learning kicked-off early this semester with a day spent at UrbanPromise, but now students get to choose where and how they in […]


The Art of Journaling: A reflection on finding solace through writing.

      In my opinion, there’s no form of expression that allows someone to be as transparent and honest as journaling does. Journaling allows the writer to unapologetically express their true thoughts, feelings and experiences more genuinely than they ever could when talking to another person. For me, a journal […]


Service Learning Kick-Off 2018: The freshman class serves at UrbanPromise in Camden, NJ to kick-off their service learning experience.

      Each year, freshmen and transfer students  partake in service learning as a part of their first-year seminar “Faith, Reason and Justice” class.  Megan Acedo, Coordinator of Student Ministries and Service Learning at Eastern of nearly six years explains the program as the lab or practicum section of […]


Inside the E.N.D.U.R.E Program

      The E.N.D.U.R.E. mentorship program at Eastern University works to create relationships between students of color and Christian mentors such as alumni, faculty or staff at the college. Each week, students will meet with their mentors to discuss their goals for the semester, academic or otherwise. E.N.D.U.R.E believes […]


IWCA on the Singular “They:” The Writing Center allows use of singular “they“ for non-binary students.

      Eastern University’s Writing Center is now allowing for “they” to be used as a singular pronoun that refers to non-binary people. This change has come about as a result of a growing awareness of the many gender-identities in our world, and the ways that language in the […]