Articles written by: Abigail Brooke


Women Aren’t Taken Seriously, And Here’s Why: A personal perspective on how society minimizes women’s interests

      I am the only daughter of a single mother and have lived my whole life completely saturated in femininity. I watched Say Yes to The Dress instead of cartoons, I watched rom-coms instead of Star-Wars, and I never once believed that the women in my life were anything […]


The Netflix Original Queer Eye: Dive into the smash series that focuses positivity and self-love.

     Queer Eye is one of many successful Netflix Originals, and has just been renewed for a third season. It features five gay men who travel around the Kansas City area looking to help others. Each of the five men specialize in one thing – Antoni in food, Bobby […]


Bread Baking For Those In Need: Students gather together to bake bread with President Ronald Matthews during Inauguration week at Eastern.

      Eastern University invited students to celebrate Inauguration week by baking bread alongside one another and President, Ronald Matthews. There were two sessions available for students, with one being open to faculty members.       The volunteers were walked through the process of baking a simple French […]


Generation Z is More Than We Believe Them to Be: Inside an argument for a generation that has impacted the world.

      Every generation believes theirs is the best. From music to fashion to social issues, almost every group feels that theirs is superior, and in some instances, they are not totally wrong. Some would say that the 90s were excellent politically, or that the 70s had the best […]


Parents and College Students: A few students share about how their relationships with their parents have changed since living at college.

      In my experience, college has been a really   interesting and exciting period for my relationship with my mom. We have always been incredibly close, so at first, I was worried about what might happen when I left for school. I was nervous that we would grow […]


The Philadelphia Museum of Art: A look into the famous museum.

      The Philadelphia Museum of Art is renowned for their impeccable art collection, and their impressive reputation stretches far outside of Philadelphia. Their website says, “We are committed to inviting visitors to see the world—and themselves—anew through the beauty and expressive power of the arts.” However, this experience […]


Living in Real-Life: A look into the persepctives of being a relational being in a technological era.

      We live in a strange paradox between two worlds, a digital one and a real one. Sometimes, however, it can be far too easy to lose ourselves in one world. The digital world is easier – there’s no pressure to say the right thing on the spot, […]


On Affirmations: How to love yourself and others.

      Many of us have a tendency to talk down to ourselves. Recently, I have caught myself saying “I’m so stupid” and “I hate myself” time and time again. It is quite common for people our age to say these things in a joking manner; self-deprecation is cool […]


Student, Abigail Stevens, Receives a Research Prize: Abigail Stevens shares about her research on housing for returning citizens and the reasons for her interest in the topic.

      Abigail Stevens is a senior Economic Development major at Eastern University, who has recently been granted a Research Prize from the Center for Public Justice because of her research on housing for returning citizens in Philadelphia. The grant is offered specifically to students from Christian universities and […]


Sports and the Derby

      When you think of a “derby,” your first thought is probably the annual Kentucky Derby horserace, or maybe roller derbies. This cultural definition of “derby” makes the term into a kind of description of a race, whether between people or animals. However, that is not all a […]