Articles written by: Abigail Brooke


Sports and the Derby

      When you think of a “derby,” your first thought is probably the annual Kentucky Derby horserace, or maybe roller derbies. This cultural definition of “derby” makes the term into a kind of description of a race, whether between people or animals. However, that is not all a […]


The Art of Thrift Shopping: A reflection on how thrift shopping is a form of expression.

      A major part of art is curation. It’s bringing together different components like colors, textures and style, and combining them all to create something beautiful and expressive. Though I’m not very good at painting, drawing, or any other fine art, I do know how to shop.     […]


SAB’s Coffee House: A look into the event filled with Eastern student performances.

      On Feb. 1, The Student Activities Board (S.A.B.) hosted a coffee house in Jammin’ Java with the theme “Singing through the Ages.” Performers played songs from bands throughout the decades, such as Bob Dylan and Journey, as well as some originals too.       Krista Barnett, […]


Softball Player tries out to be a Phillies Ball Girl

      On Jan. 11, Sabrina Thomas, an Eastern University softball player, tried out to be a ball girl for the Phillies baseball team.       Ball girls are women who retrieve foul balls during games as well as serve as ambassadors for the team.       […]

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Inside an Impromptu trip to Europe

      I remember being a little girl staring at the world maps on my wall. Colorful pins dotted the pastel continents with seemingly no rhyme or reason, but to me, every pin symbolized a plan. I knew from the time I was in elementary school that someday, I was […]


Student Highlight: Morgan Leavy; A look into the performing life of an Eastern student.

      If you are involved with or even interested in theater at Eastern University, you have likely heard of Morgan Leavy. Though she has only been at Eastern for 2 semesters after transferring here last spring, she has already made an impact.       Remarkably though, Leavy […]


Surviving Finals Week

      Finals week. It’s a phrase that looms over us all semester. It’s when everything we’ve learned for the past four months culminates itself in the form of major exams, extensive papers and overwhelming projects. For some, we’ve become finals-week pros, but for others, it can feel like […]

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Sharing food and stories–the heart of Friendsgiving: Part 1

      My friends and I have celebrated Friendsgiving every year for the last three years, and we don’t skip it for anything. As we’ve gone away for college or struggled through exams, Friendsgiving has always taken priority. I’ve gone most of my life without having family nearby, so […]


S.A.G.E views the Documentary Miss Representation: tudents Adovating for Gender Eqaulity looks at how the media portrays women in the media through this documentary

      The documentary Miss Represntation, was produced by “Girls Club Entertainment” and discusses how women are portrayed in the media. An overarching theme is that the way women are portrayed affects how women and girls see themselves in society. It affects not only how they see their appearance, […]

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Día de los Muertos

      While similar in tradition and time of year, Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is not actually the same holiday as Halloween. While Halloween is about ghouls and horror, Día de los Muertos views spirits much differently. Día de los Muertos is a Mexican […]