Author: Abigail Brooke


Award Winning Women (or not?): A look into how the media at large still underappreciates women in award categories.

Women have been underrepresented and overlooked in Hollywood since the dawn of the entertainment business, and sadly, it seems the trend has continued. The Oscars in particular have repeatedly let women and minority groups down year after year. The 2020 nominations were no exception, as no women were considered for […]


E-sports to Arrive at Eastern in 2020: What esports are and how their arrival will affect Eastern University.

Eastern University is set to introduce esports, or electronic sports, to the athletics department according to the goeasterneagles website. Eric McNelley, Director of Athletics, announced the upcoming change on Oct. 9. Esports is comprised of competitive, multi-player computer games that require strategy and skill to master. Games like League of […]


Social Media as a Coping Mechanism: Although social media is popular, many are wondering if its importance is overtaking our needs to properly care for ourselves.

Social media is so ingrained in the modern world that it can be difficult to distinguish our digital lives from our face-to-face ones. Whenever we are bored, uncomfortable, relaxing or procrastinating, there’s an unconscious and insidious itch to reach into our pockets for our phone. The never-ending well of content […]


Eastern Ranked at the Top: Guide to Online School’s list of “Best Online Colleges in Pennsylvania” ranks Eastern University’s online programs among the top!

Eastern University was recently ranked number 22 on Guide to Online School’s list of “Best Online Colleges in Pennsylvania.” The web-based program was recognized for its asynchronicity, which allows students to work at their own pace. This is often seen as a benefit of online school because instead of adhering […]


Welcome to Eastern University: New Student Orientation debuts during 2019 Orientation Week.

This semester, new students were welcomed into the Eastern community by members of a brand-new program: New Student Orientation leaders. These volunteers committed to supporting and guiding incoming students through their first couple of days at Eastern by leading orientation activities. Orientation leaders were tasked with facilitating name games, answering […]