Review: Sophie’s Café in Wayne

Walking the Main Line in Wayne during a downpour, I knew that most vendors would not be thrilled with a soaking wet student stumbling into their spotless stores. Sophie’s Café, however, with its modern yellow and blue décor and fashionable wall mirrors, was more than happy to accept my vagrant self. I was seated immediately at a dark wood square table and brought a steaming cup of hot water (with a wide selection of Harney and Sons tea bags) almost before I could put my dripping umbrella away.

Sophie’s, a family owned restaurant, recently opened in the empty store front formerly occupied by The Cream and Sugar Café. Owned by Matthew Shore and his wife, Sarah, who can be found milling around the sunlit café joking with customers, Sophie’s Café is committed to offering fresh, organic meals in an environment oozing with family-friendliness. This is not a date-night venue: Sophie’s closes late afternoon every day. However, it has been known to extend its hours for special occasions, such as last semester when Eastern University’s creative writing class had an evening poetry reading in the cute and contemporary café.

Unlike many burger joints, Sophie’s does not sacrifice taste for creativity. It maintains perfect patties of jaw-dropping juiciness, coated in thick cheese slices, while still offering innovative selections like the café burger with fresh sliced bacon and Tabasco fried onions. The avocado burger does not skimp on its namesake: the avocados are perfectly ripened and their delicate, cool softness are the perfect juxtaposition to the deep, blackened taste of the all-beef patty.

The breakfast menu is traditionally café-like, with waffles, omelets, and breakfast burritos. What makes Sophie’s stand apart from other café’s, though, is its pancake recipe, with fresh eggs, flour, and sugar (which Matthew Shore, the owner, tells me is the only way a pancake should ever be). Don’t be deceived by the words “short stack,” though: the pancakes take up the whole expanse of a dinner plate.

The dessert selection was surprisingly lacking for a family café. Though Sophie’s website lists an impressive 12 homemade desserts, the only ones offered during my visit were the deep-fried Oreos and a few scones and biscottis. I ordered a chocolate chip scone, which was disappointingly dry and presumably not fresh. This is clearly a downfall for Sophie’s, as their website advertises “amazing high-quality desserts made with love.”

However, despite the disappointment of my sweet tooth, Sophie’s is still likely to become a staple of Eastern students’ dining-out experiences. The prices are lower than Manilla’s, and Sophie’s brings it’s A-game for both breakfast and lunch. Sophie’s also offers a conducive atmosphere for students wishing to study, with more open space than The Gryphon and adequately sized tables close to the walls with plenty of available outlets. Check out Sophie’s: it’s worth it.

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