Cracking the Case: “The Bettie Ann”

What do half a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and butter and our Vice President for Student Development have in common? They both go by the name Bettie Ann.

The Gryphon Café in downtown Wayne is a popular study spot for Eastern students looking for a relaxing atmosphere and some heart-jolting caffeine. But beneath the trendy indie music and rugged wooden tables there lies a sinister secret. Well, maybe not so sinister. There have been rumors circulating Eastern’s campus that the Gryphon has a secret menu, and that our very own Dr. Bettie Ann Brigham is one of the beloved customers whose regular order has made it onto the mysterious list. To my delight I was given the honor of hunting down the truth behind this funny bit of local lore, and thus, the hunt for the Bettie Ann began.

My excitement grew when I was able to contact the lovely Anne Nusbaum, a new Gryphon employee and barefoot aficionado, who regretfully did not have any specific information to give but was able to encourage me with the fact that “the menu is definitely a thing.” The epic saga continued, with a few more emails and the sudden thought that this would all be a bit more impressive if I had a trench coat and a magnifying glass. Sadly, I was coatless but not hopeless and I refused to give up searching for the elusive Bettie Ann. After some more help from the devastatingly charming Jensen Okimoto, Emma Buchanan, and Zachary Nelson (all Gryphon employees), I realized that if I was going to catch a glimpse of the enigmatic Bettie Ann I would have to hit the streets and do some footwork.

So on a misty, rainy morning I set off for the Gryphon Café–just a girl, a notebook, and a dream. Amongst the business-suited Mainliners and the sleepy-eyed college students I had never been closer to my goal: the truth was just across the counter. To be honest, I had anticipated maybe an ancient scroll or a crocodile-filled moat. Instead, I was greeted by the delightful Rich Mattis, owner of the Gryphon Café, who was more than happy to take my order of THE BETTIE ANN.

So for all of you readers on the edge of your seat, the secret Bettie Ann special is as follows: half of a cinnamon raisin bagel toasted with cream cheese and butter on the side, the other half of the bagel wrapped up in a bag to save for later, and a coffee! Some of the other highlights of the secret menu include: Dog Toast and the Mysterious #2. With the Bettie Ann saga coming to a triumphant close, one of my next goals is to figure out what exactly Dog Toast is. And who knows, maybe the next item on the elusive Gryphon secret menu will be named after one of our very own Eastern students!

Image courtesy of SaraGrace Stefan/The Waltonian

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