Eastern Ink

Eastern Ink

Compiled by Andrew Whitehead

“I made a pretty big mistake when I was in middle school up through high school, and as I was working through the healing process, God taught me that one of the reasons I had struggled was because I kept forgetting all the promises He has made to me and all of His children. I took some time and found as many of God’s promises as I could in His Word. Scripture implores us to remember God’s promises by writing Scripture on the frames of our houses or binding them to our foreheads, so I decided to get a tattoo to help me remember all of the promises God has made to me. I chose a dove from the story of Noah because it symbolized the fulfilled promise of the flood waters receding. Having such a permanent reminder keeps me accountable when I begin to doubt God and His goodness towards me.“

-Emily Marks, senior

“I wanted to get this tattoo to remind myself that everyone around us has their own issues going on and it is important not to judge too quickly. We are all made in the image of God, which is what the last line means, and it is important to look at those around you and not forget that.”

-Heather McBride, junior

“I’ve wanted a tattoo for a while, so I have spent a long time figuring out what to get – it is going to be on my body forever after all.  I went with the quill and inkwell, yes, because I am a writing major, but also because now I get to make the decisions in my life.  I get to decide where my story goes from here.”

-Andrew Whitehead, senior

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