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Running in the Heat:

A runner shares why she dislikes running in the heat. By: Jayme Fisher “Oh good grief it’s hot out here,” says the child playing soccer on a Saturday afternoon in July. This imaginary child is right, afternoons in the summer are unbearably hot. Over the summer, I began taking up […]


Opinions and Their Purpose

An introductory greeting from your editor. By: Christian Lengkeek Hello, I am your new opinions editor. You may have read my articles before; there is a good chance you have not (maybe for your own good). But either way, I thought it would be only fair to introduce myself, but […]


Oversharing on the Internet:

The dangers of sharing personal details with the internet community. By: Jennie Brouse The internet is a wild place where people have the ability and option to share whatever comes to their minds. This freedom to post almost anything online can be disturbing, weird or even dangerous. There are many […]


Diving Past the Algorithm:

A music review of alternative options. By: Hannah Bonanducci I’m sure that I’m not alone in my desperate search for new music that isn’t one of Tik Tok’s latest hits or a Taylor Swift song that has resurfaced and reached the Top 10 on the charts (no offense to the […]


Museum Highlight:

A highlight section of a selection of Philadelphia museums. By: Jennie Brouse Philadelphia is a broad art and cultural playground for anyone looking to find their way around many varieties of art, science and history. Visiting Philadelphia from Eastern can be as simple as a 45ish minute train ride.  So […]


“The Art of” Tattoos:

A writer shares their take on the depth of tattoos. By: Jayme Fisher Recently, I had the opportunity to go get my first tattoo. The experience was nerve racking because I had no idea what to expect. There are assumptions that tattoos are painful and unbearable, but there are also […]


Choose the Road:

Rock band Greta Van Fleet’s “Dreams in Gold” Tour was downright explosive By: Marin Dremock After four years of impatient waiting, I was finally able to attend a Greta Van Fleet concert in Hershey, Pa. Their “Dreams in Gold” Tour highlighted their 2021 album, “The Battle at Garden’s Gate.” With […]


Highlighting the Theatre Department:

A forward look into our theatre department’s year. By: Brian Lines Since early 2020 when COVID-19 shut down most of the performing arts, communities have recently started revitalizing the arts. One of the performing arts programs here at Eastern University that is hoping to nurse itself back into health is […]

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An Addition to the Conversation on THC: A group of Templeton Honors College students respond to the ongoing discussion of elitism in THC.

By Ellen francis, Sarai Gonzalez, Lindsey Thompson, Carlie O’Keefe, Matti Veldhuis & Zack Wilson,,,, & I will never forget the day Mr. P, at the end of another long discussion, directly addressed the class as we stood to leave. We were freshmen, barely four […]