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Rock band Greta Van Fleet’s “Dreams in Gold” Tour was downright explosive By: Marin Dremock After four years of impatient waiting, I was finally able to attend a Greta Van Fleet concert in Hershey, Pa. Their “Dreams in Gold” Tour highlighted their 2021 album, “The Battle at Garden’s Gate.” With […]


Highlighting the Theatre Department:

A forward look into our theatre department’s year. By: Brian Lines Since early 2020 when COVID-19 shut down most of the performing arts, communities have recently started revitalizing the arts. One of the performing arts programs here at Eastern University that is hoping to nurse itself back into health is […]

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An Addition to the Conversation on THC: A group of Templeton Honors College students respond to the ongoing discussion of elitism in THC.

By Ellen francis, Sarai Gonzalez, Lindsey Thompson, Carlie O’Keefe, Matti Veldhuis & Zack Wilson,,,, & I will never forget the day Mr. P, at the end of another long discussion, directly addressed the class as we stood to leave. We were freshmen, barely four […]

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Why We Vote: Unsure of who to vote for? The Waltonian Staff is here to tell you their opinions regarding the 2020 election and the nominees.

Going Green: An Eastern student expresses their reasoning behind voting third party in the 2020 election. By Anonymous With the increasingly tumultuous political climate, many people are looking at third-party candidates. Instead of blindly voting for a third-party candidate for the sake of “protest voting,” it helps to understand the important […]

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EU Appoints Diversity Specialist: Faculty prepare statement voicing concerns of university’s appointment process.

Controversy among faculty, staff, and students has followed the appointment of Dr. Randolph Walters as Special Assistant to the President for Diversity, Equity, and Belonging by President Ronald Matthews. The following statement outlines some of the critiques of this process: its lack of transparency, disregard for procedural recommendations to promote […]