Author: Morgan Baum


New Year’s Resolutions: Four Weeks Later

Each year, we are confronted with the societal pressure to resolve to change, to become better and more successful versions of ourselves. This pressure to change as the calendar resets is known as the dreadful New Years’ resolution. The most common resolutions usually have to do with image. We want […]


West Virginia Chemical Spill Contained

On January 9, 7,500 gallons of 4-methylcyclohexane methanol also containing “PPH,” which contains glycol ether, was released into the Elk River in West Virginia.  These chemicals belonged to Freedom Industries, a company that creates a wide range of mining and water treatment chemicals. The White House ordered a state of […]


Tuition Rates See Stabilization

College tuition is expensive,  and every student fears that the price will skyrocket at the end of each year. Huffington Post has found that this year “the cost has gone up – but not as much [as] in the past.” College tuition has always drastically increased from year to year, […]