Have the “20/20 Experience” with Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has done it again with the creation of part two of his 20/20 Experience album, released September 30. He has managed to capture the hearts of new listeners as well as make fans fall deeper in love with his music. Part one of the album, released in early 2013, managed to shake the music realm by being Timberlake’s first number one in over seven years. Now, Part Two will mark the second number one of the year for the great artist.

Part Two contains 72 minutes of unique pop in which Timberlake captures an edgy sound that you can listen to for hours, no matter what mood you’re in. The songs range in time, from five minutes to eleven and a half minutes. Two of the songs from part two, “Cabaret” and “Murder”, include feature artists JAY Z and Drake. His entire new album is catchy; you will find yourself humming his tunes for days. Some songs in particular have found permanent spots in my favorites playlist: “Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want)”, “True Blood”, “TKO”, “Take Back the Night,” and “Drink You Away.”

The first song making it onto my playlist is Timberlake’s “Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want).” Because Timberlake has the amazing talent of putting together different beats to make one heck of a song, “Gimme” is one of his most unique. The message is pretty suggestive, as most songs today have some sexual innuendo in them, specifically pop music. The lyrics are provocative and sensual, yet with the great rhythm and beats of the song, the message can easily be overlooked. I can’t stop listening to it because it is so addictive.

I can’t get “True Blood” out of my head. Is this Timberlake’s sexy version of a Halloween song? If so, he nailed it. It’s so catchy your bones feel the need to dance. It strangely reminds me of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” both in sound and lyrics; werewolves howling and creepy deep voices in the background are enough to raise goose bumps on anyone’s arms, as well as get them addicted to the song.

“TKO” and “Take Back The Night” are taking over the Top 100 chart on iTunes. “Take Back the Night” is about conquering the dancefloor, and having a good time no matter what. The beat in “TKO” is much harsher sounding, similar to the song “Murder” that is also in part two of the “20/20 Experience.” Lyrics from “TKO” include, “This ain’t the girl I used to know… No, not anymore, TKO….” This song is about a broken relationship. However, “Take Back the Night” echoes the joy of being young and able to conquer anything. Timberlake croons, “Ain’t no time like tonight…Nobody cares who we are tomorrow…Then we could…Take back the night.” Right now these songs can be heard on radio stations everywhere, begging to be followed by many more singles from Timberlake.

“Drink You Away” makes it onto my favorites playlist for a different reason.

Hannah Day, a sophomore at Eastern University, admits “I love the different feel of ‘Drink You Away.’ The combination of a blues genre type of sound, and Timberlake’s voice conveys so much emotion and passion. Plus, it’s a song about the kind of pain a lot of people can relate to.”

Timberlake manages to capture many different messages and emotions in the album in a way only he could have managed. If you like upbeat pop that will stick with you all day, then part two of the 20/20 Experience is a great new album to check out!


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