Ender’s Game

Whether you are a fan of the book or this is your first time meeting Ender Wiggin, you will not be disappointed by the movie Ender’s Game. The story takes place fifty years after Earth was almost destroyed by an alien race. By a stroke of luck, humans drove off the enemy, but the alien threat still existed. The military developed a program in search of a brilliant child, Ender (Asa Butterfield) who could become a tactical genius and become the savior of the world by leading the fight against the aliens.

The film’s story does a marvelous job of being dynamic and intriguing, making you empathize with Ender. The combination of science fiction, action, coming of age and saving the world creates a colorful story that will keep your eyes glued to the screen. Book lovers don’t have to worry, the story holds true to the book. The amazing acting by Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford and many others makes the story come to life.

The combination of the CGI  and soundtrack helps us see the world from Ender’s eyes with great skill and detail. The cinematography coupled with the fantastic computer animation turns the void of space and the weightlessness of zero-G into a moving landscape of action and color. The CGI in Ender’s Game is up to par with the other science fictions rolling out, like Star Trek: Into Darkness and The Avengers. You can get lost in the details of space, battles and distant planets. Along with the CGI, the soundtrack, sets and costumes have the same amount of detail put into them, making Ender’s Game a joy to watch.

Whether you are a fan of the book, science fiction, or a good action movie, go see Ender’s Game. You will be intrigued by the story, enjoy the special effects and find yourself invested in the characters. Ender’s Game won’t leave you dissapointed.

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