Articles written by: Hector Davila


Poetry Celebrated Nationwide in April

      During April is one of the world’s largest literary celebrations, in which schools, libraries, publishers and poets contribute to and admire the art of poetry. During this month, nations are reminded of the rich history behind poetry and how it influenced politics and societies long ago. National […]

Photojournalist Kevin Carter won a Pulitzer Prize for this picture depicting the famine in Sudan in 1993.
Center Spread

This is Journalism

The Ethics and Standards of Journalism by Hector Davila       For centuries journalism has undergone the test of time, having to endure difficulties, challenges and failures that have shaped the ethics and standards of journalism today. TRUTHFULNESS       There has been a recent rise in fake […]

Eastern’s 2017 Spring Banquet was held at the University of Pennsylvania’s 
Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

A Night at the Museum: Eastern students enjoy #SpringBanquet2017

      The first weekend of April was a very busy one for the Eastern community. Starting on Saturday afternoon, students began to prepare for a glamorous evening. The day had finally arrived for the 2017 Spring Banquet hosted at the Penn Museum, or the University of Pennsylvania Museum […]

Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies, will open its gates on April 7 as the Phils take on the Washington Nationals.

Baseball Begins Again- Philadelphia Phillies prepare for season opener

      On April 3, the Philadelphia Phillies will begin the 2017 MLB season against the Cincinnati Reds at 4:10 p.m. in Great American Ball Park. Jeremy Hellickson is expected to get on the mound for the Phillies, which will make it Hellickson’s second-straight Opening Day start. The Reds […]


Faith Focus: The Race of Grace

      After many days and long hours of training, today you finally make it to race day. This is the moment you have been waiting for, to put your skills to the ultimate test. You’re full of excitement, all the adrenaline rising up as you take your place […]


A Heartbreaking Goodbye: Remembering Yordano Ventura and Andy Marte

     The Dominican community is grieving the loss of two well-known and respected Major League Baseball players: Kansas City Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura and former Arizona Diamondbacks player Andy Marte. Early in the morning on Sunday, Jan. 22, both Ventura and Marte died in separate car accidents while in […]


Worship in the Nest: Eagle Hall plans weekly worship

     The spring semester is underway and full of many surprises soon to come forth. Worship is filling the atmosphere, calling all students to join wholeheartedly and fellowship in the presence of God in one accord. Are you someone who finds themselves stressing constantly over school work, family concerns, […]


Dealing With Fake News

     We live in an era in which technology continues to innovate, promising an “easier” life and in which most consumers’ dependency for current news correlates with the number of social media accounts they have. This raises the question of how one can rely on the news media for […]


Eastern Opens Center City Location

     The arrival of a new year brings new opportunities, new hopes and obtainable goals. This is also true for Eastern as we strive to continue climbing up the ladder of success and expand to reach new territory. Attention all students: Eastern University has begun 2017 with good news. […]

Various EU music groups performed at the Winter Music Festival on Dec. 2 and 3.

Winter music festival

     It was a calm and chilly night. Cars drove in the parking lot, and the masses gathered in the McInnis lobby. As I entered the building, I was greeted and escorted to a seat. Once the doors opened I saw the auditorium filling up. I settled in my […]