Articles written by: Hector Davila


Apple Inc. in Trouble Over Update

      In case you haven’t heard, this winter iPhone users around the world received a shocking confession by the popular tech giant. On Dec. 22, Apple admitted to the press that older models of their iPhones were purposely “slowed” in order to support battery life. It’s possible you […]


Showdown Over Shutdown

      Oh no not again! If you have been paying close attention to the media the last few days, you’ll have noticed the  decision to shutdown the government until an agreement is reached. On Monday Jan. 22, 2018 the Democrats voted to reopen the government, and President Trump […]


Wayne Avenue to be Closed: Weekly Closure Could Impact Student Driver

      Current reports are circulating that a portion of Wayne Avenue of Radnor Township will be closing for a stretch of time. Starting Jan. 16, there was a detour placed as construction installations began. They are expected to continue until late March. Each weekday the road will be […]


Athlete Devotional: The Power of Sports

Never have I ever imagined myself being a part of a college sport’s team. If you were to tell me about three years ago that I would be, I probably would’ve laughed and wondered what you were thinking. Me? Equipped for sports? What are you seeing that I cannot? But […]


A Reflection in Art in Life

Have you ever taken a moment to sit back, relax, and take in the scenery around you? Notice how beauty and art daily yell out bursting before your eyes, ears, nose, and maybe tongue. Everything we do may incorporate one form of art or another, if we only pay attention. […]


Admiring Our Differences

     Back in 2007 I found myself surrounded by dirt roads, clay housing, and a huge crowd of children of all ages. The people there spoke their native Spanish language, having a general understanding of original street slang, specific name pronunciation, and inside jokes that no outsider would pick […]


SGA Policy Changes

      The Student Government Association (SGA)  functions as a primary department within college communities. They take on the responsibility of making influential changes that will last and spark interest among the student body. Here at Eastern University, student leaders are ready to listen up and tackle big and […]


Poetry Celebrated Nationwide in April

      During April is one of the world’s largest literary celebrations, in which schools, libraries, publishers and poets contribute to and admire the art of poetry. During this month, nations are reminded of the rich history behind poetry and how it influenced politics and societies long ago. National […]

Photojournalist Kevin Carter won a Pulitzer Prize for this picture depicting the famine in Sudan in 1993.
Center Spread

This is Journalism

The Ethics and Standards of Journalism by Hector Davila       For centuries journalism has undergone the test of time, having to endure difficulties, challenges and failures that have shaped the ethics and standards of journalism today. TRUTHFULNESS       There has been a recent rise in fake […]

Eastern’s 2017 Spring Banquet was held at the University of Pennsylvania’s 
Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

A Night at the Museum: Eastern students enjoy #SpringBanquet2017

      The first weekend of April was a very busy one for the Eastern community. Starting on Saturday afternoon, students began to prepare for a glamorous evening. The day had finally arrived for the 2017 Spring Banquet hosted at the Penn Museum, or the University of Pennsylvania Museum […]