Articles written by: Hector Davila


Process This– The 76ers make it into the 2019 NBA playoffs: After several bad seasons, the Philadelphia basketball team make it a year to remember.

      It became a norm to mock and critique the process, a term or slogan that was adapted to describe the state and future hopes of Philadelphia basketball. They were challenged to overcome doubts and statistics alike. Analysis examined constantly the cost for this team to beat the […]


The Art of Traveling: A reflection on growth through discovery

      When I think of traveling, I imagine hectic check-in lines, delayed flights, and being out of breath because you had to run to the very end of the airport after passing through security. Luggage gets lost, and people get pushy all because everyone has a destination to […]


NFL Culture Captivates London: England shows an increasing interest to have a London football franchise.

      Last Sunday marked eleven years of the NFL ondon Classic, featuring the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium. The first game dates back to the 2007 NFL season when the stadium opened up, extending permission to host yearly professional American football games.     […]


Why I Vote?: Exclusive story featuring EU student Kiriam Yordan-Ortiz

      There are numerous ways to answer why we do what we do or why we believe what we believe. It is a self-reflective thought, one that no one can answer for us without stepping into privacy boundaries. Almost like going to the beach to tan in the […]


A Legend Among Us: Pro Football Hall of Famer Tommy McDonald Dies At 84

      On September 24th, the Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame wide receiver Tommy McDonald died at age 84. The city of Philadelphia mourns the loss of a man who influenced his community on and off the field. A man of character and integrity that many remember him for […]


Inside Eastern’s Sports Rivalries: Exploring the history and purpose of Eastern team rivals.

      Every sports team can be caught up in or with a series of opponents, in which all athletes attempt to give their best performance yet. With a long history together or a new matchup against an opponent within one’s division, conference, or region that always creates tension/obstacles […]


Wentz Returns: Eagles Debut Versus Colts with their quarterback’s return.

      A return from an ACL and LCL injury always causes some hesitation and scares to a crowd. Whether it is baseball, football, or any sport, experts can testify the difficulty it is for athletes to perform at their normal or former level. In some cases there are exceptions, […]


Sisters in Sports: The Bernotas compete and do life together.

      Imagine growing up in a cozy sized family, surrounded by siblings to love and learn from each other. During childhood brothers and sisters create bonds that influence their adult lives, but some moments in life begin to lead siblings on the road to independence. What does it […]


The Making of EU Commercials: An insider’s look to marketing’s Storyboards, Casting, and Filming.

      All around us are messages calling out for attention either to influence or persuade for a larger cause. One of the most effective ways to advertise in this day and age is through TV commercials according to CNBC Catalyst’s Lead Creative Strategist, Katya Ionova, report in 2016. […]


A Behind-The-Scenes Look At EU’s New Turf Fields

      Over the summer Eastern’s Athletic department went forward approving plans to reinforce the turf fields. What most of the campus community does not know is the measures taken in order to accomplish the new turf installments. Come and take an exclusive look with Athletic Communicator Dan Mouw […]