Sisters in Sports: The Bernotas compete and do life together.

      Imagine growing up in a cozy sized family, surrounded by siblings to love and learn from each other. During childhood brothers and sisters create bonds that influence their adult lives, but some moments in life begin to lead siblings on the road to independence. What does it look like to have siblings in college? Or compete alongside one another in a D3 race on the Cross Country team? The three Bernotas sisters know the feeling of sharing a commonly distinct college experience.

      Megan and Katelyn are returning track and cross country athletes for Eastern within their junior and sophomore years. Mary is a newcomer who joined cross country this year as a freshman.The following interview is consisted of a series of dialogue:

      Q: How long have you all played sports together?

      Megan: We moved from Nebraska to Maryland and all started at St. Basil’s for grade school and middle school. I was in six grade, Katelyn in fifth, and Mary in fourth so all back to back. Through middle school into high school we all started running track together, and now we’re here.

      Q: What was the motivation to begin track?

      Katelyn: Definitely our Dad! He did sports in both high school and college and was very into track. We would always go to the track with him when we were little and watch him run. Just always wanted to be like him (Megan chimes in, “a trackstar”).

      Q: How many siblings are there in the family?

      Mary: We have two more, Lizzy and Bobby. Bobby will be a junior in high school, and Lizzy is in eighth grade. She’s a little trackstar too, (they say harmoniously) she’s good.

      Q: What does it mean to each of you being on the team together in college?

      Mary: It’s truly an experience not a lot of people get, running with not even one but two sisters, especially in college. That’s pretty unique. To actually run on the same relay team is cool, and I’m excited for that. We don’t have to worry about competing against each other at three different schools, but get to be teammates and continue to train together.

      Megan: I love running with my sisters they push me to be better everyday on and off the track. I’m just excited to compete with them this year, both of them. It’s going to be a good time.

      Katelyn: I already experienced a little bit of running with Megan when we was on the same relay team last year. Three relays- the DMR (Distance Medley Relay), 4 by 8, and 4 by 4. So that was fun. She always knows how to tell me to “speed it up” or “you got this”. We push each other on to be the best we can be, and are excited to bring Mary into it.

      Q:  How do you help each other overcome difficulty?

      Megan: Just being there for each other, it’s nice having them on campus. As we grew up together now I can go to them whenever I need to talk or am having a bad day.

      Katelyn: It’s different from talking to another teammate, because they have always been there. Especially if it’s like something going on at home they would completely understand.

      Mary: It’s a bit different for me where they can really hit home on any personal struggles or things they notice. They call me out and say “I know how good you can be” or “We have seen and know where you should be at”. That’s something not every teammate can do because they don’t know you as well.

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