Author: Courtney Schrom


People of Eastern: Colyn Hoffer

      Colyn Hoffer is a Sophomore Biology:   Pre-Med major from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Hoffer wears many hats at Eastern: one of the main ones is a baseball hat. He is a right handed pitcher for Eastern’s baseball team. He first picked up a baseball when he was […]


Introduction to Mass Media Communication: Sophmore, Courtney Schrom, shares her reasons for why Introduction to Communications: Mass Media is her favorite class at Eastern.

      Introduction to Communication: Mass Media (COMM 105), is taught by Dr. Susannah McMonagle, or what her students call her, Dr. Mac. Dr. Mac got her B.A. in Communication Studies from Eastern University and then went on to get her M.A. in Strategic Communication at Villanova University. From […]