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The Rundown

Amidst the excitement of the developing spring season, there is also a twinge of melancholy, as Eastern prepares to say farewell Brad Fields. Fields will be taking over the Assistant Director position at his alma mater, Centre College in Kentucky, this fall. Fields made the following comment about his upcoming […]

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A decade of music:

Eastern’s 10th Annual Music Gala

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Religious text comes to life in “The Bible”

The History Channel’s ten-part mini-series, “The Bible,” though met by strong opposition and controversy, has proved to be a successful series that millions of Americans are eager to watch. The ten hour show will cover the entire story of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Mark Burnett – producer of […]

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Philadelphia: Destination “Upset” City

This past weekend, the city of Philadelphia saw first hand the madness of March in the NCAA Tournament. On Friday, students and workers alike in the Philadelphia area watched two local teams, Temple and La Salle, upset higher seeded favorites, N.C. State and Kansas State, in the tournament. For La […]

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Extending the impact:

Eastern’s Student Athletic Trainers Association

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Do a little, save big

Money is a nice thing to have. Some people like to have big stacks of money, while other people treat it like an annoying bug that keeps climbing on them (something that must be gotten rid of as soon as possible). Ultimately, the important thing is that you have enough […]

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Stuff Eastern students like

Getting Married: I’m not going to mention “Ring by Spring” because that will only stress everyone out. The last thing I’d ever want to do is remind all those single Seniors out there that this will probably be the last chance they ever have to meet a nice Christian significant […]

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Biblical Rollercoaster

A Poem

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Faith Focus:

Give Jesus Everything

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Discovering Health and Wellness

Eastern University’s Health and Wellness Committee and the Human Resource Department brings the annual Health and Wellness fair to the recreation gym March 21 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Faculty, students and members of the community can expect to gain important information about nutrition and easy ways to stay […]