What Spring Brings

The winds change. The breeze warms up and a light scent accompanies the air. Birds chirp. Everything is in bloom.

You know spring has arrived at Eastern because the campus buzzes with activity. There seems to be more students than ever; faces you swear you have never seen before. Has everyone really hibernated inside all winter? The warm weather has brought everyone outside, even on those early days of spring that are not quite warm enough. People are so excited, that they decide to wear clothes that are just a touch too summer-like.

Once again the tables in front of Walton are filled up with students doing homework or simply enjoying the sun. You would be lucky to find a spot anywhere. Even all the benches on the path to McInnis are filled. No one wants to be inside.

Windows are open in class, letting the breeze blow, as well as all the bugs that have come from wherever they go in the winter. It appears that no one can focus in class, just waiting for the clock to strike so they can go back outside.

Everywhere, there are students. Sunbathing, reclining in hammocks strung between tree trunks, playing Frisbee or other outdoor activities. The line to the ice cream machine in the Dining Commons is longer, and sometimes there is water ice.

Smiles galore and laughter fills the air. An abundance of new couples link hands and stroll around campus, eyes full of sunshine. Everyone is happy, for the most part. If not for the weather or new love, for the fact that the school year’s end is approaching and summer will begin.

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