You know you’re a senior when…

10. You only eat at Sodexho twice a semester. Commuting or living in an on-campus apartment offered way more attractive food options.

9. All nighters are for the birds You’re “older” now, and it’s harder to be sleep deprived. You think sleep is more important than an A on that project, anyway.

8. You have had at least three ECards. Your incentive not to lose this one is the look you’ll get when you have to tell the cashier which ECard this is.

7. All your friends are engaged. Attending weddings is going to be your summer activity.

6. You can identify a first-year student at 100 yards. The fact that they look like your younger siblings, and their enthusiasm for everything Eastern, give them away.

5. You could give Tony Campolo’s chapel speech for him. Campolo’s passionate speech for social justice convicted you when you were a first-year. Now, you have it memorized and want to practice that social justice instead.

4. Your student debt is more than the mortgage on your parents’ house. And you suddenly realize you’ll actually have to pay it off. Four years before you had to worry about paying off your loans seemed like such a long time when you were a first year.

3. Senioritis suddenly makes sense “C’s get degrees” is your motto. It’s not that you don’t care about your grades; it’s just that you have more important things, like looking for a job, to think about.

2. Your parents drop hints about converting your room into the guest bedroom. And start telling you how much rent will be if you plan to live at home after graduation.

1. You’ll injure the next person who asks you what you’re doing with the rest of your life. “What are you doing after you graduate?” follows “Hello” in almost every conversation. And, “I’m going home for the summer,” doesn’t count as an answer.

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