Women’s tennis team works to rebuild through yoga, unity

The woman’s tennis team has undergone myriad changes in the past few years. From a high turnover in coaching staff to the general loss of players, this season is most definitely a rebuilding year. And the newest head coach, Ang Sprock, is excited for the team’s potential.

“Team unity and the power of dependence on one another really plays out on the court in addition to off the court,” Sprock said. “And this team is ready and prepared to play to its top potential. We have a strong team; I can only hope our score reflects that.”

The team’s coaching staff of Sprock and assistant coach Nate Stutzman, both Eastern graduates and former tennis team members, has a concrete vision for the team’s future.

Prior to pre-season this year, the team’s upperclassmen were brought together for a leadership training workshop. The team is also involved in yoga.

“Ang is really focused on mental toughness,” senior and team captain Krista Sirois said. “Before the season started, we talked about how we wanted it to be and wrote a team constitution. We decided that our focus was on being a family unit.” This focus is paying off both on and off the court.

First year team member and senior Katrina Bue, told of the team’s welcoming her as a newcomer to the family. “I felt a little out of place at first, but the girls were so receptive.”

As of October 20, the team had an overall record of 6-8, with a PAC record of 5-4.

The team is pleased so far with the season and is gearing up for PAC championships.

“We won the games we had to win and we’ll bounce back from the losses,” sophomore Beth Grosella said.

Both junior Danielle Schildt and sophomore Ellie Gallagher agree that the season has been a success.

“We came together as a team with individual talent and companionship,” they said.

Sprock emphasized that it’s the team’s support for each other that make the winning matches even sweeter.

“They’ve been playing their best and having a lot of victories both on and off the court that have been important in shaping our team,” she said.

It seems as though the pre-season preparation and team constitution is working well, Sirios said. “All the girls on this team adore each other. We’re constantly praying for each other and coming to each other for everything.”

Coach Sprock acknowledges that each individual player is of paramount importance to the team as a whole. She has high hopes for the remainder of the season.

“I hope that the team continues to come together and support each other,” she said. “I want tennis to be fun. It’s a game. It’s supposed to be a stress reliever.”

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