Women’s lacrosse spends spring break in service

There are a million reasons why they shouldn’t do it. The pressure to win, the opportunity to improve, the rapidly approaching season and the dwindling time to compete are all valid reasons to disregard service during spring break.

The women’s lacrosse team, however, finds significant value in serving as a team.

As part of their annual spring break trip to Clearwater, Florida, the women’s lacrosse team serves at The Attention Home.

A family-run center for abandoned and neglected children, The Attention Home provides shelter, care and love for its residents. The team helps out by doing labor around the home, like mulching and gardening, as well as interacts with the children.

The experience has a profound effect on the players and coaches.

“You come out changed, ” said coach Rachel Lenzo. “You realize how truly blessed you are.”

Junior-captain Julianne Ferguson also finds value in serving at The Attention Home.

“It is awesome to know I spent my spring break helping people,” Ferguson said.

The team focuses on sharpening their lacrosse skills during rigorous morning practices and exhibition games against other colleges. A free day is set aside towards the end of the week and usually includes a team activity. In years past, the team has traveled to the beach or enjoyed a pre-season Phillies game. Serving at The Attention Home, however, is the highlight of the trip for some players.

“It’s definitely a good experience,” said sophomore Lauren House. “I wouldn’t change our trip.”

Sophomore Amy Norman agrees with House and believes the work helps the players bond.

“[Serving] definitely creates team unity,” Norman said. “You become a family as a team.”

The trip as a whole is unorthodox in terms of stereotypical spring break trips. While other lacrosse teams stay at hotels, play in several games, and run two practices a day, the Lady Eagles sleep on the floor of Heritage United Methodist Church and balance playing with serving.

Nonetheless, the unconventional trip brings the team together.

“The focus isn’t on playing, it’s on team unity,” Ferguson said. “Service is the best way to get to know people because you’re working with them.”

For an unusual team spring break, the trip has a momentus impact on the players.

Through a week of service, a group of lacrosse players becomes a lacrosse team.

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