What I’ve learned at Eastern

At Eastern I’ve met many people of varying denominations, but I have never had a problem talking with them and finding out what they believe. For me, coming to Eastern was an eye-opening experience because although I knew there were differences among the denominations, I never knew what those differences were or why they existed.

To this day I can’t define what a Baptist is or what they are supposed to believe, but I can tell you what I believe. I don’t think a person’s denomination should define who they are or what they believe because each person has different life experiences and ideas that shape their spiritual and religious beliefs. Often, when we hear about a certain denomination, we create a laundry list of things that the person is supposed to do or believe, but that tells us nothing about who they really are.

I’ve encountered students at Eastern who don’t consider the differences in denominations, which can be both negative and positive. When I came here I had to get comfortable with a whole new style of worship and learn new songs. This was hard for me because for years praising God through gospel music was all I knew. Going through this helped me to grow in spiritual maturity and not get caught up in how worship is being done but who the worship is for. This also goes for denominations: we should not get caught up in what denomination we are but get caught up in the God we’ve come here to serve.

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