What Eastern students are most thankful for

Marissa Ure, first-year, is thankful for Ohio, where she is from. As a first-year she realizes how much she appreciates home. “I miss the culture there,” Ure says. She lives 30 minutes from Kentucky and close to Cincinnati, where she likes to walk around, see local bands and drink coffee.

Nate Sellers, sophomore, is thankful for senior Typhany McNeill. “I’m thankful for my dearest, who is my girlfriend, and her encouragement to do better in school.” McNeill once helped him with a project for nine and a half hours straight. Sellers also said, “She encourages me with prayer. We pray for each other and I can feel it throughout the day.”

James Whitely, junior, says, “I’m thankful for my friends and family. All those relationships that get you to this point of the [school] year.” Whitely is a member of the Army National Guard, and Thanksgiving also reminds him of soldiers in other countries, for whom he is grateful.

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