Inquiring Minds: A toast to the professors that make class worth it

Going to class or not can be one of the most difficult decisions for college students. When students are confronted with a bombardment of demands, class is always the safe bet to be left off the list of things to do in a day. Some classes throw up the inconvenient stoplight that makes missing class an option only if your participation grade matters nothing to you. But for some classes, students are less apt to consider skipping-for the sole reason of who’s teaching.

Be it their charm, wisdom or perspective on life, many of Eastern’s professors make class something that students don’t want to miss. To the professors whose presence is enough to keep their students in awe, this tribute’s for you.

If there was ever a degree of doubt over professors at Eastern caring or not, the fact that so many of them provide their home addresses and phone numbers on syllabi is enough to put those falsities to rest. At few other colleges across the nation will you find professors that offer their time so readily as they do here at Eastern.

When you consider all the wisdom and talents of professors, it’s evident that many could be doing work that’s more financially rewarding. The late Bob Thomas, a beloved business professor at Eastern, sacrificed money that he could have made in real estate so that he could teach business to students at Eastern.

Oftentimes the best classes in college are the ones where students are floored by the amount of knowledge the professor has. Looking into the resumes and accomplishments of many professors we’re curious to know why they’re here. Take Dr. Bradstreet, who is a world-renowned astronomer.

Some professors keep you awake with their unique senses of humor. Cheers to Dr. Walt Huddell, Professor Julie Morgan and Dr. Chris Hummer for their achievements in making some Waltonian staff laugh.

Other professors charm you with their warm hearts. Professor Nancy Thomas is a well-known cookie doctor for her malnourished English students. Professor Robin Lowery celebrates the birthdays of her students by giving them small presents.

As our devoted professors sit waiting for students to visit them during office hours, too often no one comes. Not many students realize the kinds of things you can learn outside of the classroom, on a personal level.

Older friends and role models are great, and you can never have too many. Consider going to lunch with a professor or dropping by to talk life during their office hours. And for students who already appreciate their professors to the full, make sure they know it as well. Here’s to you, professors of Eastern University. Thanks to you, classes are well worth our money.

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