Cheerleader player profile: Cristina Gore

First-year Cristina Gore is not only new to Eastern’s cheerleading squad, but to cheering altogether. She always wanted to do cheerleading in high school, but a schedule filled with lacrosse and musicals prevented her from trying.

Due to a smooth transition to college, Cristina is glad that this year she could give cheering a shot. She had five years of dance experience which helped her adjust to the new challenge.

Cristina also loves to sing, and since she has never lost her voice, she thought that would be an asset for cheering.

Cristina loves her teammates and her coach. “I started cheering now because the team is a great group of Christian girls that I can trust,” she said.

Stunts and cheering on a team are things Cristina has found she really enjoys doing. Her favorite stunt is a twist up full extension. “We are all growing in trust with each other,” she said.

Cristina does have challenges with schoolwork and time management, but she is coping well with her academics and extracurricular activities. She never misses an opportunity to hang out with her friends.

Cristina is from Washington, D.C. where she lives with her family and loves spending time with her friends. Right now she is focusing on choosing a major, looking into youth ministry and secondary education.

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