What boils my egg

Midterms are finally coming to a close. It is time to breathe in the fresh, sweet air of test freedom. And what better way to breathe this air than by plopping down in front of a big-screen television?

Normally, this is my way of zoning out and relaxing, numbing my mind from a day of thinking. However, there is such a thing as too much “aesthetic” anesthesia…

You know what really boils my egg?

Reality television. This mindless dribble of unscripted drama and comedy is a chief example of what we, as a society, find to be prime time television. If this is the best they can produce, we are in danger of a major entertainment downward spiral.

There was a time when good television meant the combination of accredited scriptwriters, directors and actors creating a project of great worth. Now, it is all about the unscripted shock produced by moronic narcissistic  characters. Where do they find these pathetic excuses for actors, off of the street?

Too many television producers have given up caring about the creativity of their shows. Too many have forgotten what it means to generate a quality program.

Why would they let this happen?

Because reality TV is cheaper to make. There is less of a creative team that needs to be hired since the programs are attempting to exemplify real life. After all, nothing says real life more than eight people with spray tans living in a shore house.

The producers are not the only ones to blame. They are providing network executives with positive results. Some of the highest-rated shows currently on television are reality shows. This would not happen if it were not for us, the consumers.

We, as the general public, enjoy watching other people live their lives in pseudo-realistic scenarios. Life is an unscripted comedy, drama and every other genre under the sun. We find ourselves feeding on the gossip of celebrities, for their lives are more extravagant and interesting than our own. If we continue in this behavior, television has the chance to infiltrate our notions of what is supposed to be real. Creativity will become a thing of the past.

In any case, it appears that most of the people on these “reality” shows are made of plastic.

Consider this egg: boiled.

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