What boils my egg

Even though I constantly keep a concentration on the pressing matters of society, I often find my mind wandering away into the less important subject matters. So, let’s see where my mind has wandered off to today…

You know what really boils my egg?

Knuckle cracking. Huh, my mind really wandered to this? Well, let’s go with it. Knuckle cracking really does boil my egg! It is such a disgusting habit to have, as well as highly hurtful to the body.

I’m sitting in the middle of Justice class one day (learning about…well, injustice, which is ironic), minding my own business, when all of a sudden a noise so vile, so sickening, traveled into my aural canal and hit my auditory nerves.

I turned to find the source of the wretched noise, only to find an attractive young woman cracking her knuckles like a caveman.

How could this be? How could the vision of loveliness and innocence be tarnished so rapidly?

I’m sorry I’m not attracted to sounds a body shouldn’t be forced to make. I have not done any research on what makes this anomaly occur, and frankly, I would rather not. I will stick with living in my ignorant bliss on this matter. I have faith in the knowledge that it will continue to irk me nonetheless as it continues to happen.

One thing is also for certain: by not doing that, I have less of a risk of developing arthritis.

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