Vote Obama

I am voting for Obama because he will be a president who has the ability to critically think and efficiently govern a nation that has been taking an international and economic nose dive. While McCain may once have been the maverick of the Senate, it is now appallingly clear that he would rather court the Bush conservatives than find any sort of middle ground. Some deny this charge, but his voting with Bush on 90 percent of the issues certainly says otherwise. While Republicans chant “drill baby drill,” Obama recognizes the need for clean and green energy sources that will not only benefit the consumer, but rid us of our dependence on foreign oil.

McCain’s solution of drilling off shore is simply a drop in the bucket compared to what we import globally.

Not only would Obama’s green revolution improve our political leverage internationally, but it will produce jobs domestically. With rising unemployment, John McCain has suggested little more than crossing our fingers and riding out the “free-market” crisis. John McCain wants tax breaks for corporations. Barack Obama wants tax cuts for those making under a quarter of a million dollars per year.

If you are concerned over abortion, you should understand that the Republicans who held Congress under the Bush administration did nothing to overturn Roe v. Wade.

When November rolls around, I will unreservedly and without hesitation pull the lever for Barack Obama.

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