Ukrainian Soldiers Find New Recruit in Stray Dog: Rambo was rescued from several Ukraine soldiers and serves alongside them in the trenches.

As Ukraine continues to experience terrorization from Russian forces, a unit of Ukrainian soldiers have demonstrated a moment of kindness amidst the conflict. After a puppy was found terrified and abandoned in an open field in Bakhmut, Ukraine, soldiers adopted him as their new watchdog. Soldiers named the pup “Rambo” after the action film series focusing on a Vietnam veteran’s experience. Upon finding him, the tiny pup was so small that he was often held with one hand. However, he has reportedly been growing each day amongst his new owners.

In a popular video, Ukrainian soldiers were seen carrying and nurturing a puppy. “He is our protector, right Rambo? We felt sorry for him. It was freezing outside. We took him into our post and he stayed with us,” a soldier stated in the video. In addition to the emotional comfort Rambo provides, Rambo also provides security by serving as the watchdog for the soldiers. Soldiers explained that dogs are capable of hearing things that humans are incapable of hearing. 

While Rambo provides security to the unit, he also “provided them with hope and happiness during such a difficult time,” shared. Rambo is among several other dogs that have added an extra level of security and comfort inside the trenches. 

Although Rambo might not be able to provide much physical protection beyond altering the unit of potential danger, his value to the unit is nonetheless invaluable as he preserves morale and keeps spirits up amidst such a terrifying conflict. 


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