Two truths and a lie

Bret KincaidPolitical Science Professor

a. I’ve donned former President Bill Clinton’s pilot jacket.b. I’ve sat atop a Mayan temple in the buff.c. I’ve eaten with President George W. Bush.

Rosemary CowanPolitical Science Professor

a. She has seen Nickel Creek play in more than 10 different cities, from London to Fargo to Seattle.b. She went to high school with one of the members of Snow Patrol.c. She is related to the writer of a Tony-nominated Broadway play.

Kathy LeePolitical Science Department Chair

a. I met Jimmy Carter at the White House.b. I went to my high school prom with the senior class president.c. I shook Bill Clinton’s hand.

The lies: Kincaid: c, Cowan: b, Lee: a

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