Two truths and a lie

Leah MulhearnRD of Gallup Hall & Coordinator of Housing

a. was an extra in the Fire Safety Video.b. doesn’t use shampoo. c. was an RA in Kea-Guffin.

Marvin Jonessenior, SGA Executive President

a. went to a wildlife park in Canada when he was six years old and ended up with a grizzly bear on top of the car he was riding in.b. has broken both of his arms, dislocated his shoulder and fractured his foot while playing high school and college sports. c. traveled to Haiti for two weeks and while there lived and worked amongst the people on a missionary trip.

Daryl HawkinsDean of Students

a. enjoys going up to New York on New Year’s Eve and watching the ball drop.b. grew up in New Orleans, La.c. lived in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo, Iowa area for about five years.

The lies: 1. c, 2. b, 3. a

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