Transformed ready to transform lives

Transformed, Eastern’s drama ministry, held auditions for this year’s group a couple of weeks ago, and now it is off and running.

Comprised of nine people, the student-led group combines elements of theatre, song and worship through dramatic skits that have powerful meaning.

The three returning members are Kevin Walter, Chris Wehrle and Kathryn Miller. The six new faces are Kipp Zimmerman, Tara Quinn, Allison Kohler, Erin Rouch, Jason Dorrel and Rachel Keller.

Transformed has been a part of Eastern since the 1980s and has changed and adapted to the times, making the content more real for students.

The group brings to life contemporary skits that not only convey spiritual messages but also entertain. One of the goals of this style of ministry is for audience members to relate to the dramas’ characters in a very personal way.

Kevin Walter, a junior, is a veteran member of Transformed. He writes and directs most of the dramas that are performed. His latest creation, entitled “A New Song,” involves a girl who is struggling in a new church and is looking for ways to help there.

Walter feels that this is something that could resonate with people and hopes to evoke positive responses from them.

“People can relate to the arts,” Walter said. “They can relate to a character on stage, and that in turn makes them examine their own lives.”

All of the members have had acting experience in the past, and they are a group that is serious about leading others to Christ.

Rachel Keller, a first-year, has been acting for eight years and is excited to be involved with Transformed.

“This is my way to minister to other people,” she said. “I have a real passion for drama ministry.”

Chris Wehrle, a returning member, also shares an enthusiasm for ministry and is looking forward to working with this group. “Drama has such an impact,” he said. “I love seeing what happens after performances.”

Besides performing here at Eastern, Transformed takes to the road and brings its gifts to surrounding churches and youth groups. Not limited to a specific age or gender group, they try to reach out to as many people as possible.

“After performances, we like to spend time with audience members and answer any questions,” Walter said. “The fellowship afterward is just as important as the performance itself.”

Not only does the group act out skits, but it also incorporates worship into every routine. Each of the members can sing, and this adds to an already very versatile group.

“God has given everyone special talents, and this is our way to give back,” sophomore Kipp Zimmerman said.

Transformed is planning an on-campus performance in November, and the members are excited about bringing this drama ministry to life.

“It is a very positive ministry that does a lot of good to advance the word of God,” junior Bryan Long said.

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