Top 10: things to do this summer

10. Save up quarters for the fall. Might as well start collecting laundry quarters now.

9. Unpack your stuff from college. Eventually you’re going to need the stuff. Why not unpack it now?

8. Go to the beach. It’s the summer! What better place to enjoy it than at the beach?

7. Read a book for fun. Yes, this is an idea unheard of by many of you. But seriously, try it out. You might find that you actually enjoy reading when it isn’t about something school-related.

6. Stay up all night. You probably pulled a ton of all-nighters this semester, but how about staying up all night because you want to? Get a group of old friends together; watch your favorite movies, or catch up on new releases and pig out on junk food.

5. Act like a child. Dance in the rain. Dye your hair with Kool-Aid. Have a pillow fight. Watch the clouds go by. Buy something absolutely pointless that you definitely do not need. Take naps. Sleep until 3 p.m. at least once a week and sit around in your pajamas.

4. Do something good for someone else. Try volunteering at a soup kitchen or somewhere else dedicated to helping the needy.

3. Take a road trip. Get friends together and travel to a new place. Go see a big city you’ve never been to, like Boston or Washington D.C.

2. Enjoy home-cooked meals. De-Sodexho your body.

1. Enjoy your three and a half months of freedom.

List by Jess Czop and Casey Stauffer

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