Top 10 Homemade Christmas Gifts

Christmas easily empties out our pockets in a matter of minutes, which is depressing to us college students who barely have full pockets to begin with. But why spend money on gifts when you could make your own that have a lot more meaning and love put into them and still look store-bought? The following list is one that I came up with for all ages and genders to enjoy.

1. Photo album/scrapbook: Choose memorable photos and arrange them in an album. Decorate the album with stickers, quotes, stamps and anything else you can think of.

2. Painting/drawing: Give a gift of your best painting or something you have drawn. You could even buy a frame at the dollar store to put your artwork in.

3. Calendar: Put together a calendar by printing the months of the internet and decorate the calendar with a favorite color or photos to make it personal.

4. A “good for one” coupon book: Make a coupon book that contains slips of paper saying “good for one back massage” or “good for one chore of your choice.” This idea is great for parents who could use a little help around the house.

5. Teacup candle: Heat up an old candle and pour the wax into an unused teacup. Hold the wick while the wax hardens. This could be a perfect center piece at the table during Christmas dinner. When the wax has hardened, you may either slide out the candle or leave it in the teacup for a nice decoration.

6. Christmas card: Create your own Christmas card by cutting up old cards, magazines or pictures and pasting them to one card for a personal touch to your regular store-bought cards.

7. Memory jar: Decorate a jar on the outside with anything you would like. Have friends and family members of the person this gift is for write special moments or compliments on slips of paper and fill the jar with them. Everyday he or she wakes up, they can pull out a slip of paper and read the thoughts.

8. Family cookbook: Put together a cookbook full of family recipes, whether it is a full dinner or a dessert. Plan to make the recipes with the one you give this cookbook to.

9. Cookies/baked goods: Bake your favorite Christmas cookies and put them into a holiday bowl to give to your family or a friend.

10. CD: Make a CD full of the songs that will make the one receiving the gift want to listen to it all year long.

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