The Sisterhood of Precious Movements

“We’re a family, we’re a sisterhood,” said first-year student Alexis Washington with a smile on her face.
After talking to and being around members of Precious Movements, three things are clear: sisterhood, worship and godliness.

This group of young women is in its eighth year as a group on campus. Through mime and praise dance, members aim to worship God and share their personal testimonies using their own stories.

Lead by Megan Garrity and Brittany Foster, the group consists of approximately 15 members.

For some, like Garrity, miming and praise dance is a new form of worship that, before Precious Movements, was completely foreign to them. She and other seasoned members say that it has become just an extension of their worship.

Each dance is choreographed by the group as a whole. The choice of music is very intentional, each song bearing a specific message for the dancers and, they hope, for the audience as well. They typically gravitate towards gospel music and choose songs that tell a story, stirring the soul with strong emotions.

It is not about the dancing and the talent, a point that Senior Seleta Vann stresses. “It’s all about worship-using my body and mind to worship, not just because I can dance,” she says.

In fact, many of the members did not even believe liturgical dance was something they could do before joining. Although some were initially reluctant to join, they were drawn in by the familial atmosphere, prayer and the praise that takes place at every rehearsal and performance.

Now, they spend hours of practice, all for the glory and honor of God. Their ministry is meant to inspire members to share the talents they did not even know they had.

Sophomore Karissa Phelps joined the group after seeing it perform in the variety show during her first year at Eastern. “It was evident that God was in the group,” she said. She personally hopes to share her story and testimony through her miming, in hopes that others can relate.

Although the ministry is not always easy, Foster says it is rewarding: “We want it to be a safe place for women to seek God and lay down their burdens.”

Precious Movements performs periodically in chapel services and hosts a concert every spring. Members often explain that they want others to be able to worship with them. These woman are a true testimony to the fellowship of Christian sisters. 

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