The perfect place to work

Dr. Michael Lee knew just what he was getting himself into when he joined the Eastern community: a school with a mission that was the same as his.

It was important to Dr. Lee that the University wanted him not only to teach but also to bring glory to God.

Dr. Lee is the new assistant professor of history here at Eastern. While this is his first tenured job, he has previously served at a two-year fellowship in Concord, Mass. where he was teaching European history.

After that, Dr. Lee taught three years as a part-time professor at Messiah. While he was working towards his Ph.D, he also worked at Notre Dame.

Dr. Lee received his B.A. in History at Yale and then went to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary for his M.A. in Church history.  In 2009, he finished his schooling and received his Ph.D at Notre Dame.

Dr. Lee is originally from Maryland, which is part of the reason why he chose Eastern. His wife is from Pennsylvania, and Eastern’s location allows the couple to be in between both sets of in-laws.

Another factor in Dr. Lee’s choosing Eastern was its close proximity to Philadelphia. The historical content that is housed in Philly’s many museums allows Dr. Lee to continue his research.

When asked why he chose history, Dr. Lee said that it allows him to do many things, including reflect on his beliefs.

“Among other things, this discipline (history) allows me to challenge my own core convictions – the things I take for granted,” Dr. Lee said. “It leads me to ask, ‘To what extent are my beliefs shaped by the culture I happen to be living in?'”

When he’s not at home, Dr. Lee values the time he spends with his family. In his free time, he fixes up the new house that he and his wife moved into last June and spends time with his daughters.

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